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Managerial Furnishings

There’s a general trend in managerial furnishings?
The difference that exist in corporate cultures, company types, roles and responsibilities determine different models of the managerial office. In a more traditional setting it might be a closed room, but in many cases it is part of an open space as well. Naturally, the furnishings also vary, with prestigious solutions for a forceful image, recognizable design and a high level of finishes and materials, but also simple, functional ranges of products.

In many cases the closed office and its furnishings still have a traditional approach, concentrated on the “piece”, followed by a system of shelving and cabinets reflecting the same general concept.

Furnishings are not only a fundamental component for the functioning of a company, but also help to express its brand and its mission. In short, a low office should be very different from an advertising agency, just as the office of a technical firm will be very different from those of a fashion house. All this influences the design of managerial furnishings today.

For your managerial office you can choose between many kind of office furniture: the classic line as office collection Duca and Conte by DELLA ROVERE, a classic office collection handcrafted in solid wood, hand inlay work and natural finishes. A really “evergreen” furniture

Or the design line as design desk UNO and ZERO by DELLA ROVERE, where design, elegance and functionality characterise the new project which is distinguished by the use of materials which are absolutely original in the office furniture industry.

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