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Smoov: the automatic warehouse for everyone

In October there was the presentation of SMOOV ASRV in Milan.

There were experts, professors and entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their knowledge about business logistics and their professionalism. There was also La Mercanti: Andrea Bollettini

SMOOV doesn’t born as a new competitor, but as an instrument for the current logistics operators to provide an automation solution, at low cost compared to traditional automatic warehouses to an audience of very large companies.

Smoove ASRV (Automated Storage & Retrivial Vehicle) is a shuttle that moves directly on shelving, integrated by tracks for sliding in both directions and is able to go and pick up, cash in and move independently and freely euro pallets weighing up to 1000 kg, without being connected to cables or constraints which can limit the operation.

Behind all there are some sophisticated software that allow the management, the planning and the control of all ASRV that are in the warehouse.

Smoove ASRV is the result of almost seven years of studies through the collaboration of university research centers, companies specialized in the design and implementation of systems for automation and control, and above all through the experience gained over decades of activities from the ICAM, in the design of intelligent warehouses and automatic archives.

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