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La Mercanti supply Isko denim offices

The Turkish denim specialist Isko has opened a new concept showroom called Iskoteca in San Benedetto del Tronto, and selected La Mercanti solutions for their office furniture.

The intensive cooperation between the technical team of La Mercanti and ArchPlan outlined by the company, allowed to develop customer requirements into concrete design solutions.

The new 360 square meters Iskoteca archive and showroom holds about 2.500 jeanswear items (soon to become 5.000) all made with Isko denims and finished with outstanding treatments.

“The aim of the initiative is not to make a new showroom for sales,” explained Moreno De Angelis, manager of Iskoteca and longtime expert in the development of treatments and washes for significant laundries and brands such as D&G. “It is rather an extra service we are offering our customers. They can come and see how our materials can be transformed – most differently and creatively. In addition, each garment can be tracked and every finish can be exactly reproduced according to its specific ‘recipe’ and laundry involved.”

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