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Acoustic comfort solutions for office and contract

Acoustic comfort solutions for offices, public rooms, sports facilities, restaurants and hotels, shops, work environments and the home.

The need for absolute acoustic comfort and attractive appearance have led to the development of LaMercanti sound-deadening panels for cladding ceilings, walls and partition walls. Its innovative features are based on tried and tested technology, combined with design, total hygiene and non-toxicity of the material.

If we can improve the sound, then our life quality improves as well. La Mercanti sound absorbing products perform this task: balancing and reducing sound waves in public and private spaces in order to produce a genuine and surrounding acoustic dimension. As perhaps we forgot.

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Founder & CeO of La Mercanti Italian Furniture. Marketing and Sales specialist of La Mercanti, emphasis on strategy deployment and implementation, innovation and business excellence. “I think to myself as an innovative thinker, an avid learner and I like to bring new ideas forward to drive my staff initiatives”.

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