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La Mercanti furnishes Hashem Hassounah in Saudi Arabia

La Mercanti establishes a very nice and kind work relationship with Mr. Hashem Hassounah,  Hashem Hassounah & Sons CEO.

He decided for modern and design office furniture and complements.

Goggle design desk with its rounded shapes and a rich selection of finishes and materials is a really innovative interpretation of the presidential office. This desk is able to mix functionality and elegance and Hashem chose the refined mat black for the inside and glossy black for the outside. For his offices he chose also the technological and modern office chairs Nulite by Luxy in leather upholstery black and white.

To give a further touch of design, quality and innovation to his work environment Hashem chose some office complements about Danese brand: little tables, cushion seats and office conteiners.

Not simple furniture for Hashem Hassounah but Design objects!

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