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Six tips to make your office look larger

Lasmobili Enosi executive desk

Lasmobili Enosi executive desk

You find that your office is still missing volume. Let me tell you some tips that will allow you to expand your room.

Mirrors, the reflection effect

It’s almost a grandmother cure. Who, indeed , has never heard of the benefits of reflection to give volume to a room? Obviously, the  larger are mirrors, the more space is reflected. And for the same logic, the more you will reflect a large space, the greater the impression of depth. It is therefore pointless to stick a mirror in a cramped space, facing the clock of your grandmother, exactly. Install it rather in front of windows to reflect the outdoors and all its colors.

Make it empty

Sometimes, simply overloading a piece will give you a feeling of closeness. To enlarge a room , nothing better than a vacuum.

Nearly transparent curtains

In your quest for space, light is the most valuable ally. But often , we tend to overload the windows with beautiful compact tissue that filter daylight too generously. So remember to choose light and bright materials that allow the light to brighten your room. What could be clearer than white ?

The light colors illuminate

We could also start there as this principle is inviolable. The light colors expand a room and visually contrast to dark colors. It is not for nothing that it is said that the black slims. So, if ayou are to buy office furniture, choose a light colored executive desk … Besides, if you want to stay in clothing principles, we know that vertical stripes also slim. So why not opt ​​for horizontal pinstripes on your walls to visually stretch?

The lighting, a bright idea

The evening daylight will no longer be of much use. Nevertheless , good lighting also allow you to cleverly disguise your volumes. Here are some easy to implement tips:

– Install light points on the ground , which will broadcast a light to the ceiling. As for the scratches mentioned above, this will stretch your wall.

– Conversely, place bright spots over a high cabinet or behind a sideboard to create a halo of light.

– Enlighten several places to go for the ceiling spots distributed across your room rather than one bright spot. Similarly, in the room, do not hesitate to increase luminous spaces.

 Paintings or posters should have broad views

A photo of a beach with the ocean visualli widens the space more than one of Manhattan.

And you , what is your trick to enlarge a room ?

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