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Italy’s Giugiaro named car designer of the century

Here is a slideshow of some cars designed by Giugiaro :

Alfa-Romeo-AlfasudAlfa-Romeo-BreraAlfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Alfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Bmw-M1Daewoo-LacettiDaewoo-MatizDMC-De-LoreanFiat-CromaFiat-PandaFiat-PuntoGiorgio-GiugiaroLotus-EspritMini-restylingVolkswagen-Golf

The shelves of Giugiaro’s house are put to the test: keep the rain off awards for Giorgetto who, in Rome at the “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei”, has won the ” Premio (award) Antonio Feltrinelli ” and an infinite number of honorific degrees, the┬átitle of ” Designer of the Century ” and more.

Giugiaro is distinguished by a design not only original, but capable of huge success with hundreds of millions of consumers. When Volkswagen was at the brink of bankruptcy in the late 70s, he had to completely replace its flagship model, the beetle, breathless after 30 years of sales Giugiaro drew for the German manufacturer the Golf, which quickly became a worldwide success. Giugiaro succeeded the same feat 12 years later straightening the fate of Fiat with the success of its Punto.
“Quantification of quality” in the reproduction of things that can improve people’s lives. Here, this component can be applied in many ways, but Giugiaro is the designer who did it better because its constant search for what is practical and utilitarian – when he draws something – became legendary.”

Said Giugiaro at the award ceremony: “The thing I like most about the motivation of the price is linked to the characteristics of the project costs: when I design a car that I never start with the emotion. And ” this is exactly the opposite: I start from economic rationalit. And then it comes to functionality. If in my way this conclusion is not reached, then it doesn’t give the economic fruits and you can not talk about something beautiful, let alone something usefu .

“But what is beauty? Is it possible to define it? What are the real secrets of something that appeals beyond the technique?” Beauty – explains Giugiaro – is a mathematical factor. In a face, it is all a matter of distance between the eyes, the length of the nose; beauty is pure mathematics, proportions are paramount. Look at the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome: the colonnade, the windows … everything is a matter of proportions.”

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