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Should you telecommute and get office furniture at home? Yes, but under certain conditions

Recently, Michael Dell, CEO and founder of the namesake company that’s the third largest computer manufacturer in the world, said he wanted to appeal massively to telework for his employees. There are several reasons to opt for telework. Here is a list of those that seem most important :

  1. it saves the worker’s money, because getting to the office is becoming more and more expensive
  2. it saves time and energy of the worker
  3. it avoids the pollution from workers cars
  4. it avoids traffic congestion. Following the decision of Yahoo and Hewlett -Packard to abolish teleworking, Silicon Valley has seen traffic jams multiply
  5. it saves the company money because the offices are so expensive to buy, rent and run
Automattic's staff

Automattic’s staff

There is another company, Automattic, which created WordPress, the wesite creation software most used in the world, adopted by about 15 % of all new websites. Well, this company has no offices. Every new employee receives a check for $ 2000 to build a home office, buying office partitions, design chairs, etc.

Should you telecommute and get office furniture at home? I think it depends on the type of business. The above-mentioned two are specialists in equipment for digital communications, and software for creating websites, respectively. This does not mean that they relinquish all employees meeting: workers for WordPress meet up once or twice a year in charming places like Athen, the Quebec, La Paz , Mexico City, San Francisco or Santa Cruz, California.

So telework can be applied to a greater or lesser extent depending on the type of business. Sometimes it will be completely useless , other times it will increase the productivity and profitability of the company. And you, what do you think?

design chairs by Green

design chairs by Green

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