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Cookie shaped pillows, a new trend in Italy

cookie shaped pillows

cookie shaped pillows

Now, everybody talks about it, everyone wants one, everyone chooses their favorite, he gives or requests it for gifts, this is one of the latest fashions: this year we talk about cookie shaped pillows, which resemble well the most popular cookies in Italy. A pillow -shaped cookie is soft to rest on one’s office chair, you can put a cookie-pillow at home, to get an even more comfortable sofa, everything is handmade.

The shape of the star cookie is certainly ther easiest to make: in a store we buy a foam pillow, round, and dark brown and cream fabric. First, we put the brown fabric face down on a table, we put above it the pillow and with chalk or a pencil we draw the outline, leaving it an inch taller, we repeat the same procedure twice and we cut to get two pieces of fabric around the same.

At this point, we begin to sew by hand, when half of it is sewn we will return it in the right direction, insert the foam pad and finish sewing. Once the pillow is finished, with fabric cream color, we can create stars of different sizes then apply them with hot glue, and get a pillow that looks like a delicious star cookie (Italian: Pan di Stelle). Yum ?

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