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Office partitions, interior doors : acoustic is essential

Working in a quiet environment, with a good acoustic, is very important for productivity.

interior doors

interior doors

Since the fifties, with the massive adoption of of television, humanity spends more and more time in front of screens. With the spread of the Internet and digital photos, images became even more important. We give great importance to aesthetics, to the visual appearance. Even in areas such as music, where sound and listening should be fundamental, are the video clips and more or less extravagant appereance of pop star which prevail over the quality of music itself. Lest we want to consider as a great musician someone like Lady Gaga.

In this world where image is paramount sound and listening seems to be overlooked. Our cities are increasingly noisy. You think I exaggerate? Try selling your car via Internet: potential buyers will ask a lot of photos, but no one will care to listen to the engine noise, which is essential to understand its state of wear. The same applies to the description of a person : it is rare that someone describes his voice, but we give great importance to physical appearance.

It is not at all surprising that, when designing an office, we overlook acoustic. However, working in a quiet environment, with a good acoustic, is essential for productivity. Excessive noise causes stress and affects the concentration.

That’s why The Mercanti offers a wide range of acoustic panels, office partitions and interior doors. Indeed, in the conception of any workspace, acoustic is fundamental. Sounds good to you?

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