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Hollande and the French triple executive chair

The press all over the world is talking about the supposed affair of the French President, Mr. Hollande, with the actress Julie Gayet . It is not for us to comment on the case here; it remains that this could bring significant changes in the management and direction of the French State.

Indeed, if the French president hosts a first lady in the presidential palace, while also having a mistress, to the expenses that French taxpayers will have to bear because of the bigamy should be added the expenses for an office furniture that suits the presidential triplet. For if bigamy is customary at the top of the state, presidential offices should adopt a suitable chair, for example when the presidential triplet hosts presidential couples, from countries  less developed than France, which are attached to this cheesy institution that is marriage or couple.

That’s why we, together with our Italian chairs, we  propose an example of executive French chair, triple, for the president, the first lady and the first lady of France. Noblesse oblige!

triple Italian chair

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