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Collective office or individual one, which would you prefer?

With the new information technologies, the diffusion of PCs, tablets and smartphones, the way we work has changed. Formerly, the office was used to call, write with a typewriter, consult bulky paper files. There were also meeting rooms for casual meetings.

With the digitization of information, paper files are fewer and smaller, not much spaceĀ is needed to store and view them. Not only offices, but also office furniture is changing.

That’s why at least half of the new offices are collective and open. However, each type of office, collective or individual, has its advantages and disadvantages. Try to consider:

open collective officebenefits of open offices:

  • cheaper because they save space and energy for heating
  • they allow to find colleagues more easily
  • they facilitate exchange and collaboration
  • they facilitate transparency

disadvantages of open offices:

  • sometimes there can be too much noise
  • we can disturb or be disturbed when we talk on the phone or dictate with speech recognition

benefits of individual offices:

  • quieter, they facilitate concentration
  • we can talk on the phone quietly without disturbing anyone or being heard.

disadvantages of individual offices:

they do not have all the advantages of collective offices

And you, which office would you prefer?

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