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Exercises and positions to relieve your back pain at your office

Tight and sore back? Adopt 4 best positions to relieve back pain

Much of the U.S. population suffered, suffers or will suffer from backache! A bad position at work, an inappropriate effort and a peak stress are causes of back pain.
Keeping your back healthy every day goes with a few rules of healthy living. Immediately adopt the correct posture! First, you should have proper office chairs, be them design chairs or executive chairs.

Choosing immediately a correct posture is the best guarantor of the state of your back. Stand properly to ensure that the pressure on the column is evenly distributed between the joints. Having relaxed  your muscles, your back should be slightly curved,  neither too straight, nor bent.

Back Position # 1

Standing, keep your head straight, the neck vertical and elongated, horizontal and relaxed shoulders, stomach and buttocks back in order to support the spine, slightly back tilted pelvis, flexible enough knees and flat toes. Spread your body weight on your feet.

back position 2

back position 2

Back Position # 2

Sitting on an ordinary chair, with all the weight distributed on the buttocks and thighs, parallel to the ground and forming a right angle with the calves. If necessary, support the back straight with a small pillow. The shoulders are low, thrown backwards and relaxed. Do not tilt the head forward. To keep your back straight, tighten the belly.
Your back needs exercise, let it move.
The regular practice of gentle physical exercises contributes to the well -being of the back.
It is necessary to start by releasing muscle tension to reduce contractures. Then, move and relax, and practice exercise to regain optimal mobility (swimming, walking, cycling). Once mobility has been found, it is good to build muscles and try to maintain a good muscle balance.

back exercise position 3

back exercise position 3

Back Position # 3

Relax your back by tilting your torso forward, “letting it go” completely. Standing, tilt your torso forward by releasing it completely for 10 seconds while breathing slowly through your mouth. Stand up deploying each vertebra while inhaling through your nose. Practice this position 3 times.

Before resuming sport, take the advice of your doctor
Do not start out with a bang, take your time, be in tune with your body. Stretch it, move it, and most importantly, forget the notion of performance. Try just the pleasure of seeing you in great shape. Progress in stages, you’ll save time.

Stretching, a good warm up exercise

Never exercise being cold. This is valid for a golf swing, a backhand in tennis, a downhill skiing or for a game of pool ! It is not a coincidence that professional athletes train daily flexibility, stretching and warming-up before the competition. Remember this exercise of suspension to relieve muscle and joint tension momentarily.

Back Position # 4

back exercise for the office 4

back exercise for the office 4

Stretch your arms up to the maximum for 10 seconds while breathing slowly through your mouth. Then release the arms completely down inhaling through the nose for 8 seconds. Rest your heels on the floor releasing you.

Or hang from a bar attached to the uprights of a door to release the intervertebral muscles and static posture discs.
To forget your back, relax!
Back pain causes painful muscle contractions that can be relieved adopting some techniques:
Start to relax by lying down. Breathe deeply 5-10 minutes, it releases tension. You can ask your partner to gently massage your back.

And, last but not least, offer a nice bed to your spine!

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