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Andrea Bollettini, co-founder: warehouses in modern companies

Andrea Bollettini

Andrea Bollettini

We interviewed Andrea Bollettini, co-founder of La Mercanti, on the trends in the design of corporate stores today.

What are the trends for the development of warehouses in modern companies ?

In the development of warehouses modern companies tend to achieve an adequate storage system that ensures an adequate level of service to the customer , where necessary by inserting the right level of automation

 Today there is much talk of “customer service “, what is meant by ” customer service ” ?

In the provision of products or services the customer is generally understood as the end consumer , but there is a whole chain that precedes the final consumer , in which there is a continuous exchange customer-supplier . Anyone who buys a product or service expects it to be provided in the right quantity , at the time and with the quality promised.

This is the customer service today and the level of its quality may be the discriminant of the success of a product / service over another

 Can the stock condition the level of customer service ? And how ?

Definitely yes. The warehouse is a crucial point for the enterprise . For example, in the case of a raw material or finished product, the warehouse is the supplier of production. If it is disorganized and inefficient , you will not be able to provide a satisfactory service to customers/production (because materials supplied are not suitable in quantity, timing and methods) . The same applies in the case of finished goods inventory of a retail company.

 What are the main criteria for the conception and construction of a modern warehouse ?

The inventory of modern companies must meet the following requirements :

 – Be conceived and constructed so that it is efficient and effective

– Have an ideal optimization and exploitation of space

– Ensure the smooth flow of materials and information

– Be designed and manufactured with the highest standards of quality and safety for the staff who work there , and for the proper maintenance and storage of goods

– To ensure , as far as possible , a certain flexibility in view of the changing market needs

 What is the advantage of purchasing “safe” and certified products for your warehouse?

The certified product, designed and manufactured with the highest standards of safety, reduces the chances of injury for the staff. It’s also a guarantee for the protection of goods under normal handling and storage activities that take place in warehouses and in the case of natural events such such as earthquakes .

 What aspect of your work, rewards you the most ?

The best reward is to see customer problems resolved by us, especially when it is the customer who expresses his satisfaction in having chosen us and our solutions.

 What aspect of your work is more difficult and unpleasant ?

Sometimes not being able to persuade the customer about the benefits and convenience of following our suggestions.

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