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The world’s most beautiful and original buildings and offices

The online architectural database Architizer has announced the winners of their second annual competition for the most original architecture. The result was a total of 129 winners in 60 categories.

The winners were decided with the creation of two separate winners for each group, that were identified both by a jury and by popular vote. The jury was composed of “300 industry leaders,” while the popular vote was determined by governments, via online voting from more than 100 countries.

These are buildings that represent a clear break with the traditional architecture. The common denominator seems to be a conception of space that seeks to adapt to the specific use, whether offices or museums. This seems to suit the latest trends in the design of office furniture.

We’ve displayed some of our favorite winners here; see the full list at


Cayan Tower in Dubai was voted best residential high-rise.

BEST OFFICE HIGH RISE (Jury): Al Bahr Towers, Abu Dhabi, Aedas Architects


BEST OFFICE INTERIOR (Popular): Heavybit Industries, San Francisco, IwamotoScott Architecture

BEST OFFICE LOW RISE (Jury): Huaxin Business Center, Shanghai, Scenic Architecture

BEST RELIGIOUS (Jury): Abbey of St. Maurice, Switzerland, savioz fabrizzi architecte

BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR (Popular): Casa 103, Portugal, ultramarino

BEST RESIDENTIAL LOW RISE (Jury): Soft House, Germany, Kennedy & Violich Architecture

BEST RESIDENTIAL LOW RISE (Popular): TREVOX 223, Mexico, CRAFT Arquitectos


BEST RETAIL (Jury): Sokol Blosser Winery Tasting Room, Oregon, Allied Works Architecture

BEST RETAIL (Popular): Fuel Station + McDonalds, Georgia, Khmaladze Architects

BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME (Jury): Hut on Sleds, New Zealand, Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME (Popular): Portable Home ÁPH80, Madrid, ABATON Architects

BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME (Jury): Two Hulls House, Canada, MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME > (Jury): Villa Kogelhof, Netherlands, Paul de Ruiter Architects

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