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Fiam desks for Sustainable Modular Management in Texas

Sustainable Modular Management, Inc. (SMM) provides custom commercial modular construction and design. It is a modular building supplier/general contractor and delivers new and used modular buildings, classroom portables, modular medical clinics and healthcare buildings throughout the United States and Canada.

The CEO Nick L. Mackie needed a desk for his office and he chose LLT OFX executive desk and LLT consolle by Fiam Italia, designed by Dante Oscar Benini.

Both of them are in transparent glass, the material par excellence that represents Fiam production.
Each item is the result of a combination of craftsmanship and industrial processes, reaching a perfect mixture of hand-crafting and design. LLT OFX desk is a concrete example of all this, a design product that keeps a functional and linear shape.

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