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Arper for the Mercer Barcelona Hotel

Arper with its products furnishes the Mercer Barcelona Hotel, a luxury hotel located in the heart of the gothic quarter of Barcelona. This hotel occupies a collection of buildings with a great architectural significance, built on top of the ancient roman city. It also has medieval arches and original XII century paintings.

Opened in 2012, it has spectacular spaces. The team of the prestigious architect, Rafael Moneo, Pritzker Prize (1996) and Prince of Asturias award (2012), was commissioned, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, to rescue the architectural heritage, paying genuine respect to history and incorporating it into the contemporary design of the hotel.

In the Mercer Cocktail Bar, emerge the known stools Ply in black oak. With its triangular frame and its modular nature it gives life to shapes and colors that combine in unpredictable compositions. At the same time, at the Cocktail Bar tables, we find the chair design Leaf, with simple shape like the branches of a tree or the veins of a leaf. Moreover in the hotel we can find the wooden chairs Aava and Saya end some tables Gher.

Arper actively participates in the creation of the elegance of this magnificent hotel.

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