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Tecno realizes the project for the Biomerieux Institute in Marcy-l’Étoile, France

Tecno, who has been designing and implementing collective spaces for years, has worked for the new global headquarters of the Biomerieux research institute, a global leader in vitro diagnostics for more than 50 years and today in more than 150 countries.

The project involved the production and installation of all partition walls according to the project of the french architects Valode & Pistre. Their work consists initially of an in-depth reflexion on the natural and human context. Following this analysis a unique project develops. They often use the white and the transparency of glass as the dominant essential features.

The W80-Biomerieux project is important both from a technical perspective, for which solutions permitting the achievement of high acoustic performance were installed, and from an aesthetic point of view, with the use of special decorative elements such as solid panels covered in coloured fabric, in more than 40 different shades. Also among the special elements there are partitions with solid panels in lacquered glass and magnetic lacquered glass.

The result is a modern partition wall that fully responds to all the structural, acoustic, customization and flexibility requirements, creating for Biomerieux a game of colors and transparencies: all in a perfect harmony and a sophisticated elegance.

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