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The executive desk for professional firms: design and features

The right desk is essential for the head office in any professional firm; one that can combine functionality and elegance, while adding style to the space.
The desk of a professional represents their person, so the style and design must be taken care of in every detail.
The furnishing in the head office should be distinct from all the other fittings used in the various offices of work colleagues.
The desk’s majestic beauty expresses power, security and style. A discreet grandeur apt for the leading role it plays, being the first object that draws attention on entering an office.
The visual impact is provided by this key piece of furniture, which then frames the subsequent arrangement of all the other furnishings. Executive desks have the power of conveying elegance to any potential customer. The right choice can express a reassuring seriousness and competence. In addition to the visual aspect, the desk has special fittings that allow for a practical and convenient use.

Size: ideal desk width

The size of the professional executive desk is the first detail you notice when entering an office. A desk in the main office is larger than the normal PC workstations. The worktop is usually wider and thus shows the importance of the professional using it.
The models to choose from are many and may vary depending on the space available or the style chosen by the professional for furnishing their studio. If the office size makes it possible, you can opt for an L-shaped desk that enables a division of work across different levels, creating a more organized arrangement of spaces. Work tools such as PCs, printers, telephones and potentially useful devices can all find a suitable place, which speeds up the time taken for actions.

Quality: how to choose an executive desk

The executive desk is generally more expensive than normal office desks. The increased cost is justified by the higher quality of material used, the size of work surface and attached fittings, such as chests of drawers, filing cabinets, upper shelves and top.
Said object is not a mere piece of furniture but the main point on which all the office furnishings then hang and harmonize; as well as being where the bulk of professional work is carried out.
A desk is subjected to continuous daily stresses, so a good quality material prevents scratches and unsightly marks from reflecting negatively on the company’s image. Furthermore, good quality wood means minimal maintenance. It can be cleaned with just a quick wipe of the surfaces using a dusting cloth. If choosing a glass top, these all feature anti-slip coatings.

Design: elegance and style in a desk

Design is what makes an object special and unique; with a sophisticated yet at the same time modern aesthetic. Whoever plays a managerial role in the advocacy sector chooses a style appropriate to their position; one representing their distinct professionalism and style.
The executive desk made of glass is a type of furniture that reflects a contemporary style and can adapt to any potential environment, both avant-garde and classic.
Some executive desks are made from glass tops combined with stainless steel structures, adding a sophisticated touch to the professional office.

Functionality: organization on different levels

An essential feature of executive office desks is the design making-up the entire work table, which includes different sections of the top and fittings. Proper organization of spaces is essential for working efficiently, as well as providing a feeling of reassurance and competence to potential customers. The upper shelves of the desk are useful for placing the PC monitor, the printer, scanner and any other device needed for professional work.
The non-slip shelf means you can work and write and the desk is still protected. The drawers are large enough to enclose important documents and any personal items. The cabinet under the desk can hold any files that come in handy when working.
An organized executive desk represents the focal point from which management then branches out. For this reason, it is important to choose one with a wide top, shelves, compartments and any useful drawers.

Style: the desk reflects the company style

The professional office needs to communicate a specific image, so the furniture chosen must respect this aspect and highlight the precise message. The executive office simultaneously conveys modernity and tradition; the rooted solidity of the past with an eye on the future. A professional desk with a sophisticated and bold style reflects what the professional wishes to convey to customers.

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