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New office furnishing trends

This year is full of many new trends in office furnishing, a place where people often spend a large part of their day. For this reason, it makes sense to furnish it with care in all aspects, including design accessories.

One of the aspects that is given a lot of importance lately, when deciding to furnish an office with Italian office furniture is the choice of colours, which are able to influence human moods and perceptions and make working environments more or less comfortable.
In 2022, neutral tones of natural colours that convey relaxation, tranquillity and energy are making their mark. Among these is the popular olive green used for walls and office furniture, which brings a new touch to the daily routine, gives positivity and naturalness. An alternative to green is currently soft beige, which is often used as a backdrop for more unusual furnishing elements. Blue and yellow are also trendy colours in office furniture. They create a chic and refined ambience but are also energetic and positive, conveying a lot of confidence.
Many architects who design modern offices, opt for the combination of the colour white with wood to create environments with a minimal, elegant and contemporary style!

So go ahead with neutral colours that evoke natural elements, increasing the good mood in the office and consequently the productivity levels of workers, improving attention, motivation and security. This is how being ‘green’ literally and figuratively takes hold.
The colours you choose also influence the style in which you want to furnish your office. An evergreen is classic furnishing in which furniture with strong colours is chosen to create an influential and reliable environment. The modern style, on the other hand, prefers bold or softer colours to create a minimalist and refined ambience, also using cutting-edge materials, more or less expensive, that look at industrial design, with modular furniture in dark colours and metal structures with wooden tops that are both beautiful to look at and practical to use.
Wood, metal and glass are the materials that, combined or chosen individually, give an office an up-to-date look; these materials are joined by leather for the armchairs and iron accessories, which are essential for this type of office.
Materials such as wood and glass in an office, are practical and functional, and by creating simple lines give a refined look.

Whatever stylistic trend you choose when furnishing your office, it is essential to maintain homogeneity and consistency between colours and materials. Office furnishings, which are often not considered important, must instead be carefully selected to match the furnishings and create a sense of stylistic uniformity. Among the furnishing complements that fit well with any style are the office accessories by Caimi Brevetti such as: coat hangers, baskets, umbrella stands and desk accessories, designed for collective environments that stand out thanks to a design able to satisfy different demands in terms of personal taste and use. Objects suitable for small or large spaces, with minimalist or high-impact. Then there are the glass mirrors by Fiam that create refined environments, or the extravagant vases by Serralunga in the most varied colours and shapes that make work environments energetic and welcoming.

The guarantee of Made in Italy acts as a trait d’union between the different stylistic choices. The care and perennial drive for innovation and quality materials make Made in Italy something that few would give up.

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