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La Mercanti supplies glass and wooden partitions for a nursery school in Malakoff, Paris

About two years ago we have been contacted by Giada Marossi from the architecture firm Valero Gadan & Associés Architectes in Paris. They were interested in the glass partitions by Nodoo to divide interior spaces in the nursery school they were designing.

The main requirement of this project was to divide all the spaces with large glass partitions composed of solid wood bearing structures, instead of the traditional aluminium or steel profiles. In addition to the glass partitions, the project also included the intermediate plasterboard sections to be covered with veneer wood panels in the same finish as the glass partitions’ structures and installed so that the external edge of the covering panel line up with the external edge of the rails and struts of the glass partitions.

However, construction works in the building slowed down due to the pandemic and this project had been delayed. Furthermore, the call for tenders announced by the Municipality of Malakoff (Paris) was scheduled for the end of summer 2021.

Meanwhile, we have been contacted by Briand Menuiserie, a carpenter’s shop in Paris who wanted to take part in the tender as a supplier of the carpentry works and partitions as well.
The owner Riccardo Scaglia is an Italian man who has been living in Paris for many years. We established an excellent working relationship with him and La Mercanti assisted him by providing all the specifications on Nodoo partitions and the quotation that allowed him to win the tender.

After having defined the contractual aspects, the works at the Malakoff nursery school began in November 2021. The completion date was expected to be September 2022. Various revisions were made to the initial project, therefore in May 2022 we arranged a site visit in accordance with our client Briand and the architect Marossi to review all the aesthetic issues.
After taking the measurements, Nodoo started the production process and on 25th July 2022 we delivered the goods. The installation was carried out both by some Italian installers and a French team.

During the work there were some small inconveniences that delayed the completion date by a few days. In fact, some glass panels were damaged when they were delivered at the site, therefore we needed to order some new ones. Some wooden parts have been readjusted too.
La Mercanti went back to Malakoff to solve these problems, complete the work and check that everything was compliant with the project. Testing was carried out only at the beginning of October as the opening of the nursery had been postponed to mid-October due to some delays from other suppliers.

This project was very exciting and interesting from a technical and aesthetic point of view. This experience was a great opportunity for development and growth. The most challenging thing in the whole project was the attention to the smallest details and the aspects linked to child safety.

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