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Quaranta5 by Fantoni anticipates the revision of UNI EN – 527/1

Office desks collection Quaranta5 anticipates the revision of European standard UNI EN – 527/1 that requires a work top height of 74 cm ± 20 and a desk depth of less than 80 cm for use of laptop computers or flat screens smaller than 17”.

Tops with edges angled at 45° are a distinctive feature of Fantoni design: from the 1968 Multipli range, exhibited in the New York MoMA, to the 1996 Mèta collection. An evolutionary process that continues with Quaranta5, the range created to offer an excellent work dimension, as always based on simplicity and practicality.

Frezza and LaMercanti: Design & Technology

More and more collaboration between Frezza and La Mercanti: in an office world where the use of the computer reigns supreme, following the styling choices of the internationally famous architects and designers and the requests coming from the market, Frezza office furniture faces the challenge of the future by supporting intense process diversification and project innovation.

La Mercanti is today present on the world market with Frezza furniture through complete solutions studied on the customer needs, finding various and different answers to the style and budget requests 😉

Iponti executive office furniture: best seller in October 2010 at

Thanks to IPONTI, the executive office regains its private essence, where functionality serves comfort and the office can get ready with elegance and delicacy to welcome new ideas.

The style improves versatility and spreads the room with a different touch for each business dimensions.

Iponti executive office furniture: think comfortably, think creatively 😉

Sedus: office chairs origins

Today we take so much for granted.
But it tooks initiative, ideas and innovations for the products to function and look as they do today.
Time and time again, the quest for the origin of this perfection leads to the German Rhine, Waldshut. The first-ever sprung swivel chair was developed here. As was the first five-star base with swivel castors. And the dynamic backrest is another Sedus development that still sets the standard internationally to this day. Task chairs with the Similar and Sedo-Lift mechanism are among the most comfortable and reliable in the world.

Sedus: modern office chairs 😉

5th element by Las Mobili

Fire, air, earth, water and ether are the most important natural elements for Las Mobili.

From this natural concept was born the 5th Element that has already abtained the certifications UNI EN ISO 140001:2004 and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), the Excellence of Quality certificate. Las Mobili group obtained another important certificate thanks to the material used for all the products because are largely below the lowest level of formaldehyde gas release allowed .

Many people spent a lot of hours every day in their office and the versatile feature of 5th Element easily allow it to be introduced in every working environment.

There are many ways of working: together to increase the resources, withdrawn to be more concentrated, meeting to share. You can answer to these needs using Bench, Desking and System of 5th Element. It allows a great modularity, many configurations and many finishes and colours all with essential shapes to create expansive workplaces and meeting rooms.

Have a look to the variety of combinations of 5th Element.

Take it easy, you’re in good hands

From the reception area to individual, combi, open-plan and directors’ offices, LaMercanti offers furniture solutions for the entire organisation. Guided by the rules of modern workstation design and tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

The key to LaMercanti’s success is the company’s ability to give shape to always new syntheses of aesthetic refinement, technological innovation and passion for details: distinctively Italian values, to furnish today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Take it easy, you’re in good hands 😀

Color and design

Parri is a young company born in the beginning of 90’s and enter upon a way qualified by the innovation on materials, shapes and solutions for design seating and furniture. The Art Director of this company is Marco Maran he is always careful to technical and structural details. Maran is unwilling to sacrifice the emotional impact of a product to function and trading requirements: planning means always considering the beauty and visual appeal.

Parri uses shapes with strong feature, materials like hide leather, fabric, wood finishes and a large range of colour shades.

It offers a wide range of contract chairs and stools and at the Salone del Mobile 2009 this Italian Company proposed some news. One of these is a new lounge armchair MY FLOWER. The frame is in steel rod and the seating is colourful and confortable. My Flower can be used in a large number of environments; it is in fire retardant polyurethane foam of differing densities. Upholstery is in fabric, available in many colours.

Italian office furniture: Frezza

FREZZA was founded in 1954 based on a family tradition in the home furnishing industry, and in 1974 started specializing in the production of office furniture.

The FREZZA product, both with its priceless lines destined to furnish executive and president offices and in the most technological and ergonomic clerical and call-center lines, is distinguished by the design, care and attention paid to every detail. This is due an industrialization process which involves all operating units, each specialized in a different process, to ensure a better industrial specialization, better process control, and above all quality.

Recently the My Desk line, designed by architect Sergio Lion, has been nominated for the “German Design Award 2010“, the Oscars of German Awards assigned with the support of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.