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Benefits of having a glass executive desk

design glass desk Rialto

design glass desk Rialto

Whether it be a design desk or an executive-desk, we always have a wide selection of glass desks. Before deciding, it’s better to consider what are the advantages of this material compared to other materials, such as wood or plastic used for design or executive desks.

The glass desk, a statement furniture

Here’s small list of the main benefits of a glass desk :

  1. It sports a stylish, modern and sleek aesthetic
  2. You can choose tinted glasses in different colors
  3. It can be easily cleaned and sanitized
  4. The sun can not tarnish it
  5. Aside from scratches, it fears nothing, unlike a wood and plastic
  6. It’s not porous, is much more hygienic than wood since it cannot shelter bacteria on its surface if cleaned regularly
  7. If your office is in a small room, a glass desk will make it seem much larger because is transparent and allows light to pass
  8. He does not suffer the heat. So, if you put  a cup of hot coffee on your glass executive desk, you will not damage it, as would be the case for a wooden desk
  9. The glass contains no chemicals with harmful exhalations, unlike plastic or wooden desks, especially when new
  10. The glass is fully recyclable.

The cons of a glass desk :

  1. It can be scratched
  2. It can be heavy to move

And you, would you fancy having a glass desk ?

The evolution of executive desk and chair, from hierarchical domination to teamwork

Design is not only an expression of aesthetic creativity, but also a gauge of social relations

throneIn ancient times, the hierarchical domination of leaders was much stronger. Whether emperor, king  chieftain, head of city or local government, the executive desk and chair of the chief were aimed primarily at demonstrating his power and authority to the subjects. The design of the executive chair was the aesthetic expression of the almost absolute power of the chief at the time there was still no democracy, no team spirit . Often, this chair was not really comfortable, especially not ergonomic or practical. Indeed, his back at an angle of 90 ° with the seat was rather unpleasant, while its plush and high armrests formed a small cage for the chief’s body, preventing any movement of relaxation. Would you like to work one day at office sitting on a chair similar to the leadership throne right here ?

With the modern era, with democracy, equality (more or less!) of all before the law, leadership is pêrceived and exercised more if not as a service, which would be great, at least as a power of coordination rather than direction. Nowadays the executive desk and chair, rather than illustrating the power of the chief, wants to provide him maximum working comfort. The beautiful executive chair beneath is an example.


executive office desk

executive office desk and chair

Italy’s Giugiaro named car designer of the century

Here is a slideshow of some cars designed by Giugiaro :

Alfa-Romeo-AlfasudAlfa-Romeo-BreraAlfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Alfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Bmw-M1Daewoo-LacettiDaewoo-MatizDMC-De-LoreanFiat-CromaFiat-PandaFiat-PuntoGiorgio-GiugiaroLotus-EspritMini-restylingVolkswagen-Golf

The shelves of Giugiaro’s house are put to the test: keep the rain off awards for Giorgetto who, in Rome at the “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei”, has won the ” Premio (award) Antonio Feltrinelli ” and an infinite number of honorific degrees, the title of ” Designer of the Century ” and more.

Giugiaro is distinguished by a design not only original, but capable of huge success with hundreds of millions of consumers. When Volkswagen was at the brink of bankruptcy in the late 70s, he had to completely replace its flagship model, the beetle, breathless after 30 years of sales Giugiaro drew for the German manufacturer the Golf, which quickly became a worldwide success. Giugiaro succeeded the same feat 12 years later straightening the fate of Fiat with the success of its Punto.
“Quantification of quality” in the reproduction of things that can improve people’s lives. Here, this component can be applied in many ways, but Giugiaro is the designer who did it better because its constant search for what is practical and utilitarian – when he draws something – became legendary.”

Said Giugiaro at the award ceremony: “The thing I like most about the motivation of the price is linked to the characteristics of the project costs: when I design a car that I never start with the emotion. And ” this is exactly the opposite: I start from economic rationalit. And then it comes to functionality. If in my way this conclusion is not reached, then it doesn’t give the economic fruits and you can not talk about something beautiful, let alone something usefu .

“But what is beauty? Is it possible to define it? What are the real secrets of something that appeals beyond the technique?” Beauty – explains Giugiaro – is a mathematical factor. In a face, it is all a matter of distance between the eyes, the length of the nose; beauty is pure mathematics, proportions are paramount. Look at the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome: the colonnade, the windows … everything is a matter of proportions.”

Design office desks made ​​from recycled cars, trendy and ecological

The retro and postmodern design is all the rage, we already knew. Just look at the huge success of cars like the 500 or the Mini, which reproduce very famous models who began selling more than 40 years ago.

Add to that the high cost of raw materials, ecological awareness that fortunately grows more and more, and you will understand why recycling cars to make design office desks is a great idea. Basically, cars are stable, sturdy, and offer a good work plan. I let the images speak: 

Alfa-Romeo-AlfasudAlfa-Romeo-BreraAlfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Alfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Bmw-M1Daewoo-LacettiDaewoo-MatizDMC-De-LoreanFiat-CromaFiat-PandaFiat-PuntoGiorgio-GiugiaroLotus-EspritMini-restylingVolkswagen-Golf

Pedrali’s Frida chair design, sold by La Mercanti, awarded

design chair Frida by Pedrali

design chair Frida by Pedrali

Frida , the oak design chair design designed by Odo Fioravanti for Pedrali, received the German Design Award 2014 in the category Home Interior.

The jury organized by the German Design Council, after reviewing more than 1,900 projects, attributed the victory to Frida and 99 other products.

After the success of the ADI Compasso d’Oro in 2011, this award confirms once again the value of Frida by Pedrali, quality office furniture production 100 % Made in Italy, through a design process that combines tradition and innovation, excellence in engineering and creative genius.

Pedrali obtained in 2013 the FSC C114358 ™ certification for the chain of custody of wood, which guarantees the origin of raw materials from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to environmental, social and economic standards.

“Frida is the result of a long work carefully done for a project that combines beauty and technology, attention to detail and simplicity” said Odo Fioravanti .

R.I.P. Claudia Plikat, Herman Miller’s designer who just passed away

designer Claudia Plikat

designer Claudia Plikat

The one who writes did not personally know Claudia Plikat, but only the fruits of his labor, loving, effective and beneficial. I think that those who are believers, Jews, Muslims or Christians, believe that Claudia ‘s good deeds, accomplishe also through her office furniture designs, remain forever with her in God. For those who have other beliefs, like for everyone, we are sure that Claudia ‘s creative designs will continue to bring happiness to their lives.

Now I let Claudia speak , via an interview by Marion Godau on 10-31-2003, adapted from

 How would you explain your job  to someone else ?

We are currently working with 7.5 on a self -adjusting mechanism for the synchronous rotation Mirra chair ( Herman Miller) . The principle: You sit down and automatically ” weighed ” . The chair adapts then on to the individual. We are also working on extensions for the Mirra for the conference sector.

Which works or events which were particularly important for you?

Since designers are inherently equipped with a particularly high level of curiosity , I can not name a specific area here . I’m interested in the whole range of what is under the term design . Therefore, we also work with 7.5 on very different projects, our products range from interface design to the traditional product development . Our driving force behind all these projects is to solve problems and constantly learn new things, that is to expand our repertoire. We are in the way we work very influenced by Nick Roericht : We provide only the briefing for a question to determine where the client really “pushes his shoe” and we go from inside to outside in front of the technical inner workings of the figure, and we abstract the functionality. Then we ask ourselves: What will the world in 5 or 10 years from now? Is our design still consistent with changes in living and working environments?

Coffee makers for bars, icons of Italian design

In Italy, when you walk into a bar, the first thing that catches your attention is the coffee maker that dominates on the counter, not far from the customers’ chairs. Sometimes it turns its back to the audience, sometimes it is backed to the wall, and then it’s the barista who will turn his back to clients when preparing an espresso. Anyway, the coffee makers are not only one of Italy’s most exported objects on the planet, but also an example of stylish Italian design.

The hundreds of professional coffee machines Mumac exposed to the museum coffee machine Binasco, on the outskirts of Milan, illustrate a century of history of  Italian technology and design. 

Alfa-Romeo-AlfasudAlfa-Romeo-BreraAlfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Alfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Bmw-M1Daewoo-LacettiDaewoo-MatizDMC-De-LoreanFiat-CromaFiat-PandaFiat-PuntoGiorgio-GiugiaroLotus-EspritMini-restylingVolkswagen-Golf

Cars or office furniture, Italian design is the worldwide leader

As far as cars or office furniture are concerned, Italian design is the worldwide leader. Cars are a sort of emblem of the modern era. They are the protagonists of the panorama of the whole city or town. Like what happened in the past for Gothic cathedrals, they are a kind of social icon. Certainly, we could say that the cathedrals were an opportunity for community meeting, whereas the car is rather an object of individual use, but we do not want to wander into sociological analysis here.

Whether it comes to German, French or Italian  cars, Italian design, as the Italian office design furniture, is the world leader. Just think of the Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf), designed by Giugiaro, or the many Peugeot designed by Pininfarina. Treat your eyes with this slideshow of some of the most beautifully designed Italian cars: 

Alfa-Romeo-AlfasudAlfa-Romeo-BreraAlfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Alfa-Romeo-GT-Junior (1965)Bmw-M1Daewoo-LacettiDaewoo-MatizDMC-De-LoreanFiat-CromaFiat-PandaFiat-PuntoGiorgio-GiugiaroLotus-EspritMini-restylingVolkswagen-Golf