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Italian office chairs: buy directly from Italy

A crucial element of office environment is the office chair.
Investing in ergonomic office chairs means investing in the most important resources of any company: the human resources.

Paying attention to the needs of your employees by investing in special Italian office chairs when needed helps to improve company morale and that has a positive effect on your bottom line.

La Mercanti has the mentality that conceives man first and foremost, combining innovation, comfort, relax and ergonomics, essential ingredients to offer premium products ranging from the CEO executive armchairs to presidential, from manager chairs to task operative and meeting room chairs.

Materials, finishes, fabrics and coverings are adapted to satisfy precise requirements both in practical and aesthetic terms: easy maintenance, comfort, resistance to fire and wear.

Sitland, Luxy, Arper are only some of the brands that La Mercanti delivery everywhere in the world: buy online directly from Italy, delivery everywhere in the world.

Ola wins the Good Design Awards 2009

Ola by Martex, is a modern, prestigious and elegant desk design that furnishes the office space as the home space in a personal and original way.

In April 2009, in Prague, there was the sixth edition of International Fair PRAGOINTERIER, which was attended by the most famous Brand in the furniture design world. Here, Martex Office already received the prize New Design for Ola desk designed by Mario Mazzer. Now this home-office desk, in the “furniture” section, wins also the Goods Design Awards 2009, a prestigious and international prize.

Why these prizes?
The high level of the desk is the result of the particular shape and the value of materials. The strength of the elliptical shaped basement is further complemented by the 15 mm transparent crystal glass top with a black or white serigraphy printing. Round top in mdf white lacquered and Cristalplant base.

Executive office desk, Ola round table is also used as a meeting table and, many times, is required as dining table.

Seating system with study bench Turner by Lamm

Anyone who has been a student at the university can understand how annoying can be listen to a lesson and get out continually of their seat gathering up their materials to permit to pass someone who wants to sit in the middle of row!

To solve this problem, the Indaco Department of the Milan Polytechnic in collaboration with the study center Lamm, conducted a research on the ergonomic aspects of lecture hall furnishings and was born Turner.

Turner is an innovative seat and table system that modifies the design approach to educational spaces, because it responds to functional, ergonomic and technical-performance needs, but above all to behavioral factors and grants greater freedom of movement.

Thanks to a sophisticated set of coordinated movements, using mechanisms for reclining and double rotation of the seats, it permits great flexibility of use because, to enter or leave a seat one moves along a transit space created behind the backs, without disturbing the other people, who can remain comfortably seated.

Kaleidos, the chair for any place

Kaleidos, design by Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu, is the result of a very long study to find the most suitable material and production technology. This plastic chair is good for workplace, for public venues and also for the home. Kaleidos is one of the latest product born to Caimi Brevetti.

Its most obvious feature is the surface finish that also extends to the edges: in the transparent version, it has a totally threedimensional and dynamic effect, while in the black or white versions it looks as though it’s covered with shimmering silk. The support frames are available in two variants, with 4 legs in chromed steel or with chromed tubular steel structure. Then, the unusual texture confers a totally new tactile effect.

Kaleidos is also a comfortable chair, the unusual wraparound shape of the sheel, reminiscent of the sports car bucket seat, contains the sitter’s body adhering to it perfectly. It consists of just one piece and is a 100% recyclable copolymer with good resistance to chemical agents.

Office work seating

The office interior is incomplete without office furniture, and the latter must be in line with the overall office design. At the same time it must be ergonomic. A crucial element of office furniture is office chair.

What do we mean by comfort in work seating, and how is it measured?
Comfort, safety and adaptability are foundamental parameters of ergonomic quality in products. To measure the comfort of seating there are two fundamental aspects. The first has to do with the form of the seat and the back, or namely the right curvature for both in terms of angles and resistance to weight. Secondly, there are the questions of height and regulation, based on criteria of adaptability to permit tall and short people to use the same chair with equal comfort.

When we can say that a chair is really ergonomic?
Only when we have the sensation of not sitting down, even after a couple of hours in the same position.
There are elements that are important for comfort, although the best solution is changing often position: it is important to stand up now and then, or at least to move from a position where the back rests against something to an upright sitting position in which the back is not supported. When we seat in an office chair the back support is the most essential part. It must be optimally curved and cushioned to provide the back and spine maximum support and rest when used.
Another important parameter for the measurement of comfort of seating is undoubtedly that of the covering. First of all, we have to consider whether the material breathes; but we also need to consider aspects like cleanliness and safety, especially in case of fire.

When we are seated is there something we can do to reduce the loads?
Sure, we need a chair that can favor proper movement, in order to nourish and lubricate the intervertebral disks.
Though less important than the back, the armrests also have a role to play for the comfort of seating and the prevention of physical problems.
Today the market offers solution in which the armrests are not only height-adjustable, but also can change their angles. It’s important for them to be sufficiently soft and wide, for resting the elbows while working with computer keyboards. So a good chair should permit easy mobility of hands and legs.

Improve office productivity

Whether you work from home or work from an office you spend a lot of time behind your desk. The wrong position can wreak havoc on your entire body. Tension builds up in your back, circulation is cut off to your legs, you’re a mess- so what do you do about it? Get ergonomic.

How to set your self up right

Proper sitting position can help you improve your physical well-being and improve your performance at work. An uneasy body can be severely incapacitated long before you even realize there is a problem. Sitting in a comfortable but well supported position keeps your blood flowing and your mind functioning well. A few points to consider when taking a closer look at your current office situation are:

1 – Your Seat

Does your chair have proper lumbar support? A good chair is well worth the cost you pay for it. Make sure it has adjustable support for lower back, and fits your body and supports your shoulders as well. Keep your chair in proper working order. Little tilts can mean you have to compensate for movements and hold the chair steady putting further stress on yourself.

2 – Level of Activity

Make sure your arms are held at a proper 45 degree angle and your wrists appropriately bent. A good ergonomic keyboard and a desk with an adjustable rather than stationary keyboard holder will make it easier to place yourself in the correct and comfortable position.

3 – The Eyes have it

Eyestrain is a common problem for people who spend a lot of time behind a computer screen. The height of your monitor and distance from your seat will make a big difference in your comfort and well-being. Getting an adjustable monitor stand can allow you to raise and lower your monitor so it is at perfect eye level as well as move it forward or back easy to adjust for your position.

4 – Pain in the Neck

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints of office workers but rarely to people understand that neck pain is not often caused by neck position but rather arm and wrist position. Strain on the upper back and shoulders makes muscles in the neck bunch to compensate and develops spasms and knots. Adding adjustable arms supports added to your work station as well as ergonomic keyboards help reduce arm and shoulder strain and ease the pressure on your neck muscles.

5 – Wrist pain

Carpel tunnel is the most common work related injury and it is avoidable. A good keyboard station, an ergonomic mouse pad that allows easy fluid movement and is curved to move the wrist instead of holding it in a stationary position are all easy to accomplish things that will relieve pressure on that sensitive tendon in your wrists.

Paying attention to the little things that keep your body comfortable and supported will ensure you have a long productive life free and be the successful person you know you can be :)

Choosing the right Office Chair

Technology has had a profound effect on the way we live and work. As a result, we are spending more time sitting and using computers, which has greatly increased the occurrence of related musculoskeletal disorders.

All office chairs are not created equal. When you are shopping for office chairs for your business there are many situations that require their own special type of chair and in some cases a special chair is required just to allow some employees to be able to do their jobs. Choosing an office chair should not be a standard affair but rather an important part of the office furniture planning process.

For a certain segment of your working population a standard office chair will do the job. Most people are of average size and have no physical challenges that would make any special kind of chair necessary. When choosing a standard office chair you should always go with quality over price. Many people will come and go at your company but you do not need to constantly be investing in office furniture to accommodate any new people. A well built ergonomic office chair that costs a little more than the economy model will pay for itself through years of service to the revenue generating people that will be using it. Constantly purchasing inexpensive office chairs is not good business.

So what exactly is ergonomics? In a broad sense, office ergonomics applies science to workplace design to maximize productivity while reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

An employer should always be in touch with the needs of their employees and that includes needs for a special office chair. If you hire an employee with a physical challenge then you should make the effort to purchase a chair for them that will allow them to be productive and do their job without any physical discomfort. If you hire a person that may require a larger office chair then investing in that chair can allow the employee to be productive without having to constantly go through several standard office chairs. Paying attention to the needs of your employees by investing in special office chairs when needed helps to improve company morale and that has a positive effect on your bottom line.