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Merry Christmas 2011!

There is something new, a new undeniable, a new irrefutable, a new irrevocable, a new irreversible. We pass from the point where there was nothing to the point where there is Something.

Charles Péguy

La Mercanti’s staff wishes everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!

Our office will be closed on December 27th and on January 2nd.

Happy summer holidays

The Summer’s arrived and with her some days of vacation.

La Mercanti® closes its offices from Monday 15th to Friday 19th of August 2011.

We wish everyone to live a period of rest after a year of work, a time useful to find new energy, creativity and resourcefulness.

Happy holidays to everybody! On Monday 22nd we’ll be here ready to work with and for you.

National Republic holiday

We would like to inform you that La Mercanti will be closed for National holidays the 2nd and the 3rd of June 2011.

Our offices will be open again on monday 6th.

Salone Ufficio in Milano: news

La Mercanti was at Salone Ufficio that was held at the Milan Fair from April 12th to the 17th.

Various events took place also around Milan, alongside to the usual series of “Fuori Salone” in the field of home furnishings, design and lighting, that have staged some well-known manufacturers of office furniture: Herman Miller, Knoll, Sedus, Martex, IVM among the others.
The companies involved inside the Salone, certainly enjoyed the advantage of being “among the few” in the office field but evidently have also been capable of stimulating the visitors’ curiosity promoting initiatives in an original and attractive way.

For some companies like Frezza, Della Valentina, Las Mobili, Codutti, Fantoni the “Salone” event was an occasion mainly dedicated to the new products; for others more, such as Las Mobili, Quadrifoglio, Vaghi, Della Rovere, the objective was to emphasize and highlight the peculiarities of its offer.

Training Herman Miller in Milan

Nice and very interesting full day training at Herman Miller in Milan, with the UK product manager Chloe Richardson: Aeron, Embody, Setu, Mirra, Celle and the new Sayl. When people first sit in the world-famous Aeron chair, they usually say “Wow!” It’s the first work chair to replace upholstery with a breathable, form-fitting material that keeps you cool and focused 😉

At the end of the day, took place the dealers performance… own presentation of Herman Miller chairs to the client…

La Mercanti won first prize with Antonio that had a great presentation of Sayl chair, suspended material, unframed comfort 😉

See Antonio in the pictures – with The purpose of Design – between sales manager Matteo Parma and area manager Piercarlo Gentili and then with Chloe Richardson.

Thank you!


La Mercanti是意大利式办公室家具和承建家具行业的佼佼者,我们的客户遍布中国、香港乃至世界各地。
从会客室到个人办公区域、开敞式平面布置到总裁办公室。LaMercanti 会为整个机构提供一整套的办公室家具解决方案。我们拥有现代办公室布局理念,为客户量身打造舒适的办公环境。

Happy Christmas 2010

Expectation or waiting is a dimension that flows through our whole personal, family and social existence. Expectation is present in thousands of situations, from the smallest and most banal to the most important that involve us completely and in our depths (…). One could say that man is alive as long as he waits, as long as hope is alive in his heart. And from his expectations man recognizes himself: our moral and spiritual “stature” can be measured by what we wait for, by what we hope for. Every one of us, therefore, especially in this Season which prepares us for Christmas, can ask himself: What am I waiting for? What, at this moment of my life, does my heart long for?

Pope Benedict XVI

John and Andrew had faith, because they had certainty in a perceptible Presence. When they were there … seated at His house, toward evening, looking at Him speak, there was a certainty in a perciptible Presence. … Instead of Him with His hair in the wind, instead of watching Him speak with His mouth opening and shutting, He arrives through our presence, which is like … fragile skin, the fragile masks of something powerful, which is He who lies within.

Luigi Giussani

La Mercanti wishes everyone Merry Christmas!

Muebles de Oficina Italianos

La Mercanti es protagonista en el mundo del mobiliario contract y de oficina italiano. Entregamos nuestros productos en España y en el resto del mundo.
Gracias a la relación directa que desde hace años mantiene con diseñadores y productores italianos, es una verdadera boutique virtual de mobiliario contract y de oficina made in Italy.
Un archivo infinito, actualizado constantemente, que propone colecciones de calidad y diseño que resultan difíciles de encontrar en los showrooms tradicionales.
Desde el área de recepción hasta estaciones de trabajo individuales, combinadas, abiertas, y oficinas de dirección, LaMercanti ofrece soluciones mobiliarias para toda la organización, guiados por las reglas que dicta el diseño de oficinas moderno y ofreciendo un servicio a la medida de las necesidades del cliente.
La clave del éxito de LaMercanti es la capacidad de la empresa para dar forma a siempre nuevas síntesis de refinamiento estético, innovación tecnológica y pasión por el detalle: valores particularmente italianos, para amueblar el mundo presente y futuro.