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أثاث إيطالي للمكاتب

وبفضل وجود علاقة مباشرة مع المصممين ومصنِّعي الأثاث الإيطالي، يعدُّ الموقع الإلكتروني هو المتجر الافتراضي لأثاث المكتبي والأماكن العامة الذي يحمل شعار صنع في إيطاليا.

Итальянская Офисная Мебель

Постоянный внимательный поиск новых творческих возможностей делает современным выставочным залом, предлагающим в интернете по доступным ценам эксклюзивные коллекции известных дизайнеров с заботливо отобранным ассортиментом офисной мебели и аксессуаров.

Благодаря многолетним прямым контактам La Mercanti с итальянскими дизайнерами и изготовителями мебели (мы представляем около 83 компаний), вы получите восхитительные условия поставки и доступные цены.

мы поставляем нашу продукцию покупателям из Италии и других стран. Доставка по всему миру.

Happy Easter 2010

(…) “Scimus Christum surrexisse a mortuis vere” – we know that Christ has truly risen from the dead. Yes, indeed! This is the fundamental core of our profession of faith; this is the cry of victory that unites us all today. And if Jesus is risen, and is therefore alive, who will ever be able to separate us from him? Who will ever be able to deprive us of the love of him who has conquered hatred and overcome death?

The Easter proclamation spreads throughout the world with the joyful song of the Alleluia. Let us sing it with our lips, and let us sing it above all with our hearts and our lives, with a manner of life that is “unleavened”, that is to say, simple, humble, and fruitful in good works. “Surrexit Christus spes mea: praecedet vos in Galileam” –Christ my hope is risen, and he goes before you into Galilee. The Risen One goes before us and he accompanies us along the paths of the world. He is our hope, He is the true peace of the world. Amen!

(Pope Benedict XVI)

Happy Easter 2010 😉

Mobilier de Bureau Italien & Meubles de Bureau

Il est maintenant en ligne la version française du web site de La Mercanti afin de mieux rejoindre et servir tous les marchés de langue française.

La Mercanti est un acteur de l’univers du mobilier de bureau italien et à usage professionnel made in Italy. Livraison dans le monde entier.

Toujours curieux et à l’affût de nouvelles idées créatives, est un showroom en ligne innovant proposant des collections exclusives signées par des designers prestigieux ainsi qu’une gamme sélectionnée avec soin de mobilier de bureau italien et d’accessoires de bureau à des prix abordables.

Ola wins the RedDot Design Award 2010

Ola wins again and doubles.
After the Good Desing Award, Ola design desk also wins the RedDot Design Award and proves to be one of the project most appreciated by the community that investigates and selects, in the design world, the signs that are distinguished by creativity and originality.

Ola holds in the shape of the base an extraordinary energy that communicates dynamism, strength and, at the same time, great lightness; this distinguishing mark characterises both the desk management and the meeting with great aesthetic and functional solutions.

La Mercanti in Milan: Made Expo

Nice trip to Milan for the international event for Projects, Architecture and Building: Made Expo 😉

The vast exhibit area showcasing the most extensive range of products and technologies across the building and architecture sectors will be strongly supported by a high profile educational programme featuring daily conferences as well as in-depth seminars and events.

Very interesting for us to visit was the Interior Architecture and Finishing Area: Internal Partition Exhibition, Acoustic panels, lockers.

Emanuela: a new architect for our planning department

Now at La Mercanti there is a new planner, Emanuela, she could help you to choose better our product collections.
Welcome Emanuela and enjoy your work with us!

Laura at

Now to the home page of web showroom for Italian Office Furniture you can find Laura’s video presentation “welcome on”

See also our funny backstage 😀