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Take Your Dog To Work Day

Research in UK has revealed that having your pet with you at work improves mood and proactivity, lowers stress, and promotes dynamic relationships with co-workers, improving the office climate. In 1999, the Pet Sitters International association founded the world Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Take Your Dog To Work Day has been covered by media outlets in various countries. Many celebrities, companies and government officials have also posted about the day on social media, including Liam Hemsworth, Barack Obama, Ben & Jerry’s and the MLB.

Dogs have been man’s best friend far back into pre-history when they became domesticated by choosing to live and work alongside mankind. From the very beginning, they worked alongside us, hunting and tracking and even keeping us safe at night by growling and barking when danger reared its ugly head.

Every office has their own specific company rules and regulations surrounding bringing your pet to work. However, there are also some more general rules of conduct that apply across the board: from having your pet microchipped and in possession of documents showing that they’re up to date with vaccinations and in good health.

What are the advantages of bringing your pet to work? You can keep a constant eye on them, they will develop bonds with fellow animals and other employees, and will lighten the workflow without affecting productivity. Having the dog with you may allow you to interact with your coworkers in a whole new way, as the dog is a great icebreaker. Pitch that idea of promoting better communication and teamwork to your boss, and you may convince him or her to allow you to have Fido sitting next to your desk, celebrating this holiday.

Take your dog to work with you! This doesn’t mean you leave them in the car to cook in the midmorning sun, the puppy should spend the whole day with you by your side. If your work doesn’t have a Take Your Dog To Work Day organized, you can be the one to spearhead this idea and help bring some doggie goodness to your office.

Did You Know…
… that in ancient China, royals would carry little dogs in their sleeves to keep warm?

The executive desk for professional firms: design and features

The right desk is essential for the head office in any professional firm; one that can combine functionality and elegance, while adding style to the space.
The desk of a professional represents their person, so the style and design must be taken care of in every detail.
The furnishing in the head office should be distinct from all the other fittings used in the various offices of work colleagues.
The desk’s majestic beauty expresses power, security and style. A discreet grandeur apt for the leading role it plays, being the first object that draws attention on entering an office.
The visual impact is provided by this key piece of furniture, which then frames the subsequent arrangement of all the other furnishings. Executive desks have the power of conveying elegance to any potential customer. The right choice can express a reassuring seriousness and competence. In addition to the visual aspect, the desk has special fittings that allow for a practical and convenient use.

Size: ideal desk width

The size of the professional executive desk is the first detail you notice when entering an office. A desk in the main office is larger than the normal PC workstations. The worktop is usually wider and thus shows the importance of the professional using it.
The models to choose from are many and may vary depending on the space available or the style chosen by the professional for furnishing their studio. If the office size makes it possible, you can opt for an L-shaped desk that enables a division of work across different levels, creating a more organized arrangement of spaces. Work tools such as PCs, printers, telephones and potentially useful devices can all find a suitable place, which speeds up the time taken for actions.

Quality: how to choose an executive desk

The executive desk is generally more expensive than normal office desks. The increased cost is justified by the higher quality of material used, the size of work surface and attached fittings, such as chests of drawers, filing cabinets, upper shelves and top.
Said object is not a mere piece of furniture but the main point on which all the office furnishings then hang and harmonize; as well as being where the bulk of professional work is carried out.
A desk is subjected to continuous daily stresses, so a good quality material prevents scratches and unsightly marks from reflecting negatively on the company’s image. Furthermore, good quality wood means minimal maintenance. It can be cleaned with just a quick wipe of the surfaces using a dusting cloth. If choosing a glass top, these all feature anti-slip coatings.

Design: elegance and style in a desk

Design is what makes an object special and unique; with a sophisticated yet at the same time modern aesthetic. Whoever plays a managerial role in the advocacy sector chooses a style appropriate to their position; one representing their distinct professionalism and style.
The executive desk made of glass is a type of furniture that reflects a contemporary style and can adapt to any potential environment, both avant-garde and classic.
Some executive desks are made from glass tops combined with stainless steel structures, adding a sophisticated touch to the professional office.

Functionality: organization on different levels

An essential feature of executive office desks is the design making-up the entire work table, which includes different sections of the top and fittings. Proper organization of spaces is essential for working efficiently, as well as providing a feeling of reassurance and competence to potential customers. The upper shelves of the desk are useful for placing the PC monitor, the printer, scanner and any other device needed for professional work.
The non-slip shelf means you can work and write and the desk is still protected. The drawers are large enough to enclose important documents and any personal items. The cabinet under the desk can hold any files that come in handy when working.
An organized executive desk represents the focal point from which management then branches out. For this reason, it is important to choose one with a wide top, shelves, compartments and any useful drawers.

Style: the desk reflects the company style

The professional office needs to communicate a specific image, so the furniture chosen must respect this aspect and highlight the precise message. The executive office simultaneously conveys modernity and tradition; the rooted solidity of the past with an eye on the future. A professional desk with a sophisticated and bold style reflects what the professional wishes to convey to customers.

The Italian executive desk for the attorney’s office

La Mercanti is a dedicated team of in-house project managers, designers, and logistics experts with the resources and experience of a leading Italian office furniture dealership. We anticipate issues, solve problems, and provide clear solutions to your unique challenges. The complete executive office for the attorney’s studio.

We have researched the executive desk marketplace and we have aligned ourselves only with the Made in Italy office furniture manufacturers whom we feel produce best-in-class products. Our strong purchasing power allow us to negotiate the best pricing with our brand partners.

We prepare comprehensive budget overviews based on your preliminary plans and product requirements. They include all estimated costs—shipping, freight, duty, fees, taxes, delivery, and white glove, so there are no surprises.

Furnishing the law firm: suggestions and details

Furnishing the office of a lawyer is an important task that requires some attention to detail. For this reason, the advice is to rely on experts such as those who work in “La Mercanti Desk Design team”, a company that offers the guarantee of the best brands and manufacturers around the world thanks to its lines with an elegant and refined style.

Suitable light and precautions
To help concentration and avoid tiring your eyesight it is recommended that the environment is illuminated not only by artificial light but also by a good part of natural light. It is also recommended to keep at least a distance of 50 cm from the PC screen and not place it in front of windows or white walls that could create a “reflection effect”.

Office desks and chairs
A key element for a notary office is the use of a desk suitable to hold the paperwork and stationery: you will need to have a space where you can welcome your customers, so you need a sophisticated and functional design such as the one suggested by the executive desk CX Frezza, a perfect combination of thick tops that create a play of vertical and horizontal lines.
Let’s move on to the purchase of office chairs. They should be comfortable, preferably ergonomic and adjustable in height. It is important that they have the function of tilting the seat downwards in order to avoid the typical incorrect back position. In addition to standard office chairs with backrests and office visitor chairs, you can opt for ergonomic stools with comfortable knee rests.

The archive
Essential for the furnishing of the law firm and the functionality of an office for lawyers is the archive that will contain all the amount of paper material and documents accumulated over time. The preference will be for a series of open shelves and binders that allow an orderly collection. If you do not have enough space or a room separated from the operating area, it is advisable that you choose an office cabinet with doors or sliding doors that do not make visible the content and help to keep a tidy space.

All that remains is putting all these elements together and create our new office, making it beautiful, elegant and functional.

Crazy boss VS Italian office furniture

Do you like Italian Office furniture and would like the exclusive Italian style in your executive office space? Don’t wait for the heaven! 😉

Buy directly from Italy the original Italian product at affordable prices, worldwide door-to-door delivery. Inspired by Italian design, executive office furniture draws people together and anchors your elegant space.
La Mercanti designer Italian furniture combines fashion with office furniture to bring sophistication and glamour to any space. Featuring furniture collections by leading Italian and international designers for all office spaces, from designer Italian chairs and desks to Italian partition walls.

Modern office chairs: comfortable, ergonomic design – how to choose

Embody, modern office chair by Herman Miller

Embody, modern office chair by Herman Miller

Did you know that modern office chairs, are much more than chairs?

Before you make a choice, take the time to ask the right questions. What is the use ? What material and model is best suited ? What quality / price ratio to choose?


 The quality / price ratio implies also the quality and this depends on each concept : comfort, freedom of movement, strength, pleasure of spending long hours without fatigue, quality of work, productivity…

 Who says you cannot mix business and pleasure? Some solutions :

  •  What we need to think about before choosing modern office chairs?
  • What are your office chairs for ?
  • Condiderate that if your staff is sitting comfortably, they will provide a better job and be more productive.
  • Depending on the time spent sitting and the position you want to take to relax or work, there should be different choices.

Of course, there are plenty of modern office chairs for, but there are chairs with different settings that are suitable for different needs :

  1. Easy to manipulate joystick ;
  2. The possibilities of adjusting the height and backrest of the seat;
  3. A modern office chair that does not create discomfort after some time (heat, squeaks, tightness ) ;
  4. To combat back pain, it’s better with a slight inclination of the seat to the ground ;
  5. Prefer a material that doesn’t slip too easily ;
  6. Choose a modern office chair with five feet for safety, unless you opt for the traditional 4 feet;
  7. Wheels that do not scratch your beautiful floor unless you want it without wheels ;
  8. Aesthetics and design must adapt to your environment.
  9. It ‘s harder working being uncomfortable, then opt for the comfort of the seat.

Especially when we sit for a long time and regularly. A modern office chair represents the most important piece of furniture because you can safeguard your wellness capital. The choice from the start can spare you a lot of future damage, back pain, lack of motivation, less productivity…

The choice will also depend on your body type, if the chair is strong enough, it‘ll be able to take care of your back for many years.

The video of a modern office chair Embody by Herman Miller:

Exercises and positions to relieve your back pain at your office

Tight and sore back? Adopt 4 best positions to relieve back pain

Much of the U.S. population suffered, suffers or will suffer from backache! A bad position at work, an inappropriate effort and a peak stress are causes of back pain.
Keeping your back healthy every day goes with a few rules of healthy living. Immediately adopt the correct posture! First, you should have proper office chairs, be them design chairs or executive chairs.

Choosing immediately a correct posture is the best guarantor of the state of your back. Stand properly to ensure that the pressure on the column is evenly distributed between the joints. Having relaxed  your muscles, your back should be slightly curved,  neither too straight, nor bent.

Back Position # 1

Standing, keep your head straight, the neck vertical and elongated, horizontal and relaxed shoulders, stomach and buttocks back in order to support the spine, slightly back tilted pelvis, flexible enough knees and flat toes. Spread your body weight on your feet.

back position 2

back position 2

Back Position # 2

Sitting on an ordinary chair, with all the weight distributed on the buttocks and thighs, parallel to the ground and forming a right angle with the calves. If necessary, support the back straight with a small pillow. The shoulders are low, thrown backwards and relaxed. Do not tilt the head forward. To keep your back straight, tighten the belly.
Your back needs exercise, let it move.
The regular practice of gentle physical exercises contributes to the well -being of the back.
It is necessary to start by releasing muscle tension to reduce contractures. Then, move and relax, and practice exercise to regain optimal mobility (swimming, walking, cycling). Once mobility has been found, it is good to build muscles and try to maintain a good muscle balance.

back exercise position 3

back exercise position 3

Back Position # 3

Relax your back by tilting your torso forward, “letting it go” completely. Standing, tilt your torso forward by releasing it completely for 10 seconds while breathing slowly through your mouth. Stand up deploying each vertebra while inhaling through your nose. Practice this position 3 times.

Before resuming sport, take the advice of your doctor
Do not start out with a bang, take your time, be in tune with your body. Stretch it, move it, and most importantly, forget the notion of performance. Try just the pleasure of seeing you in great shape. Progress in stages, you’ll save time.

Stretching, a good warm up exercise

Never exercise being cold. This is valid for a golf swing, a backhand in tennis, a downhill skiing or for a game of pool ! It is not a coincidence that professional athletes train daily flexibility, stretching and warming-up before the competition. Remember this exercise of suspension to relieve muscle and joint tension momentarily.

Back Position # 4

back exercise for the office 4

back exercise for the office 4

Stretch your arms up to the maximum for 10 seconds while breathing slowly through your mouth. Then release the arms completely down inhaling through the nose for 8 seconds. Rest your heels on the floor releasing you.

Or hang from a bar attached to the uprights of a door to release the intervertebral muscles and static posture discs.
To forget your back, relax!
Back pain causes painful muscle contractions that can be relieved adopting some techniques:
Start to relax by lying down. Breathe deeply 5-10 minutes, it releases tension. You can ask your partner to gently massage your back.

And, last but not least, offer a nice bed to your spine!

Collective office or individual one, which would you prefer?

With the new information technologies, the diffusion of PCs, tablets and smartphones, the way we work has changed. Formerly, the office was used to call, write with a typewriter, consult bulky paper files. There were also meeting rooms for casual meetings.

With the digitization of information, paper files are fewer and smaller, not much space is needed to store and view them. Not only offices, but also office furniture is changing.

That’s why at least half of the new offices are collective and open. However, each type of office, collective or individual, has its advantages and disadvantages. Try to consider:

open collective officebenefits of open offices:

  • cheaper because they save space and energy for heating
  • they allow to find colleagues more easily
  • they facilitate exchange and collaboration
  • they facilitate transparency

disadvantages of open offices:

  • sometimes there can be too much noise
  • we can disturb or be disturbed when we talk on the phone or dictate with speech recognition

benefits of individual offices:

  • quieter, they facilitate concentration
  • we can talk on the phone quietly without disturbing anyone or being heard.

disadvantages of individual offices:

they do not have all the advantages of collective offices

And you, which office would you prefer?