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Arper, Knoll, Herman Miller for Google new offices in London

Architecture firm Scott Brownrigg have completed the London office of internet search engine Google, with a giant logo in the lobby forming doorways through the two Os.

Among the most known designer office furniture they used for the project: Arper Italia, Knoll, Herman Miller and other famous brands.

The new office is designed to create a dynamic and collaborative work environment that supports the growing number of Google staff in London.

Designed with a Brighton beach theme, the interior is filled with dodgem cars used as work spaces, red telephone booths, beach huts and giant dice.

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The role of Space Planning

The space planner is a corporate consultant who does rather more than merely compile data or develop a layout: once the optimum ways of using the building have been identified and the social dynamics at work inside the client firm have been fully understood, he draws up a prospectus to enable the designer to identify the best distribution solutions.

Different working styles call for different ways of organising space. Well-distributed space contributes substantially to a firm’s success, strengthening its brand and the image of it that is perceived internally.

Nowadays the office puts the accent in space squarely back on Man, who will only do his work to the best of his abilities if he feels relaxed and stimulated. His is a new style of working that calls for flexible décor solutions, with intelligently designed furnishings that respond to rather more than passing fads.

Picking the right meeting room chair

Meeting rooms can sometimes require a different kind of office chair than the chairs your employees are using. Your employees require comfort in an office chair that allows them to perform their jobs and remain productive.

In a meeting room setting you may want to invest in more formal office chairs to give a more professional look and feel to your conference rooms because your conference rooms is where you will be having meetings with customers and partners and a more professional look in those situations is much preferred over the casual look of an office chair that is designed for day long comfort.

Wellness in the office as well as at home

I recently read an interesting interview to Adriano Baldanzi, a designer specialized in design furnishings. About furnishing for the office and for the home, he said:

I’d like to talk about the ‘habitat’ without any distinctions. The office as a habitat destined for doing certain tasks, just like the kitchen and the bedroom (…). Manufacturers are aware that, even when it is shared, the workplace needs to be personalised, fitted with accessories and capable of conveying a sense of wellness to facilitate productivity.

We need to find in the places where we spend so many hours of our lives, a warm welcome, normality and freedom. So topics like comfort, wellness, colour and pattern tend to be borrowed from products designed for the home, so as to make workplaces more lively, inhabitable and comfortable.

Improving living conditions in the workplace is not difficult. We can simply choose from a wide range of ergonomic products offered on the market. It’s useful to talk about “ergonomic tools” to emphasize their advantages in terms of work rationalization, safety and wellbeing, for a more correct way of working.

Furnishings are not only a fundamental component for the functioning of a company, but also help to express its brand and its mission.
The workplace as well as the home should be designed paying more attention to emotional values; it must have a soul and a strong identity.

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Google offices – Zurich

Seeing such offices makes you wish you were working for Google. They have everything a person needs in there and even more. They have massage chairs, slides, pool tables and other games, private cabins and much more.
Here’s an inside look at the incredible Google Zurich office.

Their “team is strong in all things maps and geo, even more so after having integrated several dozen specialists from Swiss company Endoxon, which Google acquired.”

The building was designed for – and partly by – the 300 engineers who will work there. The alternative office is both a showcase for Google’s unconventional approach to business and a symbol to prove that Google is no longer a US-centric firm.