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The role of Space Planning

The space planner is a corporate consultant who does rather more than merely compile data or develop a layout: once the optimum ways of using the building have been identified and the social dynamics at work inside the client firm have been fully … [Read more]

Take it easy, you’re in good hands

From the reception area to individual, combi, open-plan and directors’ offices, LaMercanti offers furniture solutions for the entire organisation. Guided by the rules of modern workstation design and tailored to meet the customer’s needs. The key … [Read more]

Elitra executive armchair wins the Good Design Award 2009

Designed by Lucci and Orlandini and produced by Lamm, Elitra receives the Good Design Award 2009 by the Museum of Architecture and Design of the Chicago Athenaeum. The evaluation criteria considered by the American jury were: innovation, … [Read more]

La Mercanti in Milan: Made Expo

Nice trip to Milan for the international event for Projects, Architecture and Building: Made Expo ;) The vast exhibit area showcasing the most extensive range of products and technologies across the building and architecture sectors will be … [Read more]

Emanuela: a new architect for our planning department

Now at La Mercanti there is a new planner, Emanuela, she could help you to choose better our product collections. Welcome Emanuela and enjoy your work with us! … [Read more]

Laura at

Now to the home page of web showroom for Italian Office Furniture you can find Laura's video presentation "welcome on" See also our funny backstage :D … [Read more]

Ola wins the Good Design Awards 2009

Ola by Martex, is a modern, prestigious and elegant desk design that furnishes the office space as the home space in a personal and original way. In April 2009, in Prague, there was the sixth edition of International Fair PRAGOINTERIER, which was … [Read more]

Seating system with study bench Turner by Lamm

Anyone who has been a student at the university can understand how annoying can be listen to a lesson and get out continually of their seat gathering up their materials to permit to pass someone who wants to sit in the middle of row! To solve this … [Read more]