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Italian executive home office desk: the original

For freelancers and those who are enjoying the benefits of flexible working, working from home has become a normal and pleasant thing. No traffic to get to the workplace and no open office noises. In addition to these advantages, however, there are … [Read more]

Productive well-being at home as well as in the office

Many people, due to the current situation, keep on working from home and they have had to "equip" part of their home office with Italian office furniture and Italian office chairs. However, not everyone has thought about the importance of using an … [Read more]

Science tells us that a coffee break is good for your productivity

A survey of European workers has revealed that workplace coffee drinking habits are shaped by time, taste, and the desire for a productivity boost: one out of three workers say they’re too busy at work to take a coffee break. The paradox in all this … [Read more]

The chair and the space that perfectly suite your needs

It’s easy to say that the greater the level of comfort that a worker enjoys, regardless of their position, the harder they are likely to work. There are times when smart working becomes a necessity for companies, like in this delicate period of … [Read more]

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Research in UK has revealed that having your pet with you at work improves mood and proactivity, lowers stress, and promotes dynamic relationships with co-workers, improving the office climate. In 1999, the Pet Sitters International association … [Read more]

La Mercanti on Metropolis, US March issue

Metropolis is an USA monthly magazine about architecture and design, with a focus on sustainability. It is based in New York and has been published since 1981. With a national event series, print publications, and round-the-year digital coverage, … [Read more]

La Mercanti Italian executive office furniture in Florida

Mr. Rothberg selected an exclusive version of the X10 modern executive desk by Quadrifoglio for his home office in Florida. X10 executive desk by Quadrifoglio combines a contemporary and innovative style with a traditional style. La Mercanti … [Read more]

Working in a standing position or choosing the ideal office chair?

Since the beginning of history, man has lived in motion: his aim was to hunt, to escape from danger, to run. Today, in order to survive, man has sat down and comfort has led him to a highly sedentary and not very dynamic lifestyle, especially in the … [Read more]