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The importance of Silence

Mitesco is an agile, nomadic system, which challenges the traditional idea that soundproofing has to involve major works, including masonry, and must be done with large, fixed structures.

This collaboration between Michele De Lucchi and the Caimi brothers has resulted in a portable, eco-friendly soundproofing panel. The use of innovative, patented Snowsound technology makes possible selective absorption at different frequencies even though it is extremely thin (just 35 mm at the centre), creating well-balanced ambient sound.

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The application of the panels can be: to walls, ceilings, wiring, with magnetic fittings or on self-supporting structures.
The dividers can be realised with panels placed on one side only or on two opposing sides, thus obtaining sound absorbing solutions aesthetically identical on both sides. Choosing from a range of available colours, the Mitesco panels can be freely combined with each other to obtain interesting and customised colour mixes.

The dividers are available with self-supporting bases, with bases equipped with wheels which provide great flexibility of shifting placement or with bases fixed to the floor to establish a stable positioning of the panels.

Sound absorbing panels

Environmental health and quality are today indispensable elements that characterise good architectural design in both the public and private sectors. We are all aware of the risks deriving from overexposure to noise in the working environment.

The parameters defining the acoustic quality of a confined space are all interrelated and their values determine the degree of acoustic quality of a theatre or concert hall, as well as MEETING ROOMS, OFFICES, RECEPTIONS, SCHOOLS, RESTAURANTS, shops, test rooms, theatre and so on.
The reverberation time is one of the most well-known parameters in the acoustics field and it expresses the environmental “resonance”.
Another descriptor of some importance for conference rooms, places of worship, schools and offices, is represented by the Speech Transmission Index, which describes the intelligibility of the spoken word.

These are two completely different concept. A wall in brick is heavy and highly sound insulation, but it is not sound absorbing. The heavier the wall, the more it insulates against external noise. Similarly, we can say that a fibreglass panel is light and highly sound absorbent, but it’s not sound insulating.

A sound absorbing mechanism is obtained using perforated wooden, plaster or metal panels. The panel behaves as a large sound “trap” which can offer high sound absorption values. Our panel is a sound absorbing panel manufactured in milled MDF with internal resonators that make use of the acoustic properties of the previously mentioned sound absorbing systems, thus combining optimum acoustic performance with agreeable aesthetics. This panel uses three sound absorbing systems: perforated sound absorbing panels, sound absorbing resonators and vibrating panels or membranes.
The soundproofing lining systems lends itself to installation with any type of wall and false ceiling improving the acoustics inside closed rooms, where it eliminates echoes and absorbs excess noise.