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New project: Keats and Shelly House Museum, Rome

A real success story and a very exciting experience: the collaboration between the technical department of La Mercanti and the Architecture office Einaudi to create the archive of the Keats and Shelley House Museum located in Piazza di Spagna in Rome.

The project started with the planning of the rooms where metal cabinets were needed to store documents and important objects of the museum.

After the evaluation of the various solutions and a careful inspection, we defined the best fitting project. La Mercanti has supplied metal cabinets with sliding doors and horizontal drawing holders.

La Mercanti supplies NATO offices – Italy

Ing. Edoardo Bovio, NATO Business Development Manager, choose LaMercanti with Socrate shelving system by Caimi Brevetti for their offices in Italy.

A clean, streamlined design and understarted elegance lend the Socrate System the unique ability to fit beatifully into any type of setting. This system is an example of perfect integration between form and function. Its extremely flexible composition suits all kinds of needs: Socrate is a shelving system, a storage unit, and both, combined into a single unit in a number of dimensions, heights and depths.
Absolutely versatile and featuring utmost formal purity, Socrate adapts seamlessly to the living room or kitchen, the office space or contract, making a strong visual statement in any room.

For the office in La Spezia, ing. Bovio selected a chromed finish with shelves in scratch-proof micro-perforated steel sheet that ensure exceptional durability.

Rainbow SpA new offices: glass partition walls and acoustic comfort

La Mercanti supply the new offices of Rainbow SpA, in Loreto, Italy. Famous for their brand “Winx” Italian animation giant, they requested, for the new headquarter, integrated glass partitioning system: floor-partition-false ceiling-lighting. The global integration has been realized with the gx2 glazed partition wall of Gemino.

Immersed in a large park in the hills in the Marche region, the project aims to blend the new Rainbow production unit into its surroundings. Respect for the environment and renewable energy issues are the leitmotiv of the architectural design, which includes the use of solar and photovoltaic panels and geothermal probes to ensure the complex was totally independent in terms of energy.

Integration is total thanks to the gx system, which includes an air conditioning system comprising chilled beams inserted into the suspended ceiling without adjustment angular profiles therefore allowing panels to be removed for inspection, and continuous row lighting system (with new-generation UGR diffuser for lighting comfort control). gx1 and gx2 integrated glazed partitions define the operations and management zones respectively. For the floors a new semi-flush extruded profile integrated in the screed reduces visible profiles to just 10 mm.

Planning the layout of new spaces that follow evolutions in the office environment: the extraordinary technical and aesthetic characteristics of the gemino architectonic system make it a multi-faceted creative tool for new scenarios in world architecture. Not by chance has the integrated gx system by gemino been selected on various occasions by architects of the calibre of Renzo Piano, Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid, for use in international projects.

Di Concetto business consultant: new office interiors

After the first project 8 years ago (headquarters office interiors), dr. Di Concetto business consultant has recently commissioned La Mercanti to design its new CEO offices.

The offices are very vibrant, colourful and quirky to say the least. They incorporate three separated wings, partioned by acoustically glass doors.

There is also an executive meeting room, with Citterio full glass partition walls: Tulip meeting table by Eero Saarinen in the middle of the room 😉

Kyo executive desk in Zebrano finish for the CEO office: the new desk not only looks and functions great, fulfilling all the requirements one would expect from an executive office desk such as this, but it also has a design which is truly innovative.

Luxy and Las Mobili for the new turistic office in AP

If you want to spend your holidays in San Benedetto del Tronto, you can find a new turistic office with new office furniture.

La Mercanti technical department, some months ago, studied a simple and functional layout for this office. The simple furniture gives visibility to the turistic documentation and clear and vivid colors used enhance the brightness of the room and create space and light.

The hospitality and elegance of the reception Volta by Las Mobili, the coulorful and bright sofas and office chairs by Luxy, the functionality of Big by Caimi and the ergonomic and linear operative office furniture with the 5th Element by Las Mobili.

La Mercanti supply Isko denim offices

The Turkish denim specialist Isko has opened a new concept showroom called Iskoteca in San Benedetto del Tronto, and selected La Mercanti solutions for their office furniture.

The intensive cooperation between the technical team of La Mercanti and ArchPlan outlined by the company, allowed to develop customer requirements into concrete design solutions.

The new 360 square meters Iskoteca archive and showroom holds about 2.500 jeanswear items (soon to become 5.000) all made with Isko denims and finished with outstanding treatments.

“The aim of the initiative is not to make a new showroom for sales,” explained Moreno De Angelis, manager of Iskoteca and longtime expert in the development of treatments and washes for significant laundries and brands such as D&G. “It is rather an extra service we are offering our customers. They can come and see how our materials can be transformed – most differently and creatively. In addition, each garment can be tracked and every finish can be exactly reproduced according to its specific ‘recipe’ and laundry involved.”