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La Mercanti exports in Greece

It’s a really particular period for Italian companies, but just now it’s necessary to react working very professionally and offering to the customer the best of our made in Italy office furniture.

It is an hard period also for Greece but there are great entrepreneurs who continue to invest despite everything. In fact La Mercanti has just completed a nice project in Greece with Dr. George Paparizos of the P&GV Paparizou company. We furnish with care and harmony all offices with Las Mobili, one of our made in Italy brands: four executive offices, eight operative offices, a meeting room and a reception area.

Very simple and direct the contact with Dr. George … or as nicely he introduces himself GIORGIO, a really agreeable and friendly person. He has carefully assessed the proposals we made him and I can say that he was immediately enthusiastic. His choice? Executive desks and meeting desk Eos, operative desks Logic and reception Volta :)

5th element by Las Mobili

Fire, air, earth, water and ether are the most important natural elements for Las Mobili.

From this natural concept was born the 5th Element that has already abtained the certifications UNI EN ISO 140001:2004 and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), the Excellence of Quality certificate. Las Mobili group obtained another important certificate thanks to the material used for all the products because are largely below the lowest level of formaldehyde gas release allowed .

Many people spent a lot of hours every day in their office and the versatile feature of 5th Element easily allow it to be introduced in every working environment.

There are many ways of working: together to increase the resources, withdrawn to be more concentrated, meeting to share. You can answer to these needs using Bench, Desking and System of 5th Element. It allows a great modularity, many configurations and many finishes and colours all with essential shapes to create expansive workplaces and meeting rooms.

Have a look to the variety of combinations of 5th Element.

LaMercanti at Las Mobili incentive trip 2009

Zanzibar, the most authentic spirit of Africa.
The incredible vitality of a unique and amazing country that proposes with great unselfishness its wonders. In this scenario of beautiful large and white beaches, relax, serenity, sun and sea, was held up the 2009 Incentive Trip of Las Mobili. A tropical taste vacation, a unique and involving experience.

We found in Zanzibar the ideal location to spend  unforgettable days… 😉