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The power of internet

La Mercanti is growing up day to day thanks to its innovation. It is using the power of the internet to expand the traditional Made in Italy office furniture business throught the World Wide Web.

Now, you can find La Mercanti also on PRWeb where dr Marco Olivieri, President of Sales says:

One of our most important resources, in addition to our personnel, know-how, strategies and innovation, is our reputation: from 1997 we plan and supply Office spaces and Community.

What is our purpose? Enabling people to purchase certified 100% italian office furniture at first hand, eliminating the expenses of a “middleman”. This allows the consumer to buy the best Italian brands at the most attractive prices.

And you, you’re reading now these words, what do you think of the power of the internet and of the possibility to buy office furniture on the web? We are really interested in your opinion :)