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Office design: divider partitions

Nowadays the divider partition is one of the basic elements of office design. Invented as a tool to border and separate spaces, utilized for the routing of wires, the divider partition has evolved to cover function connected with environmental comfort, but also in aesthetic terms, through new figurative languages.

Office partitions – technical, glazed, modular or cusom-sized, accessorized, functioning as boiseries or mobile – represent the creative challenge for designers of office layout and for those who organize the different areas of office space: reception, group zones, teamwork areas, individual workspaces.

Divider partition becomes a protagonist, redesigning spaces thanks to dynamic, flexible structural characteristics that distinguish it from the substantially static design of the dividers of the past. It creates innovative, multifunctional, comfortable, sustainable spaces. Then, integration of soundproofing materials and climate control technologies make the divider a valid tool that contributes to achievement of improved environmental comfort.

How can I divide and isolate spaces?
We can choose between technical partitions that provides high performance and offers greater design freedom; light or mono-glass partitions that provides new technologies and combinations with differen materials; and mobile partitions composed of rather heavy modular elements.
Mobile partitions are a product without standard modular sizes, custom-made for spaces by selecting from a wide range of finishes, from melamine to laminate, wood to fabric.

Use them in hotels, convention centers but also into schools, universities, health care facilities, banks and offices.

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