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Seating system with study bench Turner by Lamm

Anyone who has been a student at the university can understand how annoying can be listen to a lesson and get out continually of their seat gathering up their materials to permit to pass someone who wants to sit in the middle of row!

To solve this problem, the Indaco Department of the Milan Polytechnic in collaboration with the study center Lamm, conducted a research on the ergonomic aspects of lecture hall furnishings and was born Turner.

Turner is an innovative seat and table system that modifies the design approach to educational spaces, because it responds to functional, ergonomic and technical-performance needs, but above all to behavioral factors and grants greater freedom of movement.

Thanks to a sophisticated set of coordinated movements, using mechanisms for reclining and double rotation of the seats, it permits great flexibility of use because, to enter or leave a seat one moves along a transit space created behind the backs, without disturbing the other people, who can remain comfortably seated.

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