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The harmony of sounds

We must choose a place in which the voice can diminish softly and does not return by reflection so as to bring an indistinct meaning to the ear”.
Vitruvius (2nd century B.C.)

We must choose a place in which the voice can diminish softly and does not return by reflection so as to bring an indistinct meaning to the ear.

Vitruvius (2nd century B.C.)

Everything is sound and therefore sound is everywhere?

Human beings perceive the world through their senses, a perfect and complex system which is the direct expression of body and soul. The auditory apparatus is certainly the most sophisticated of all the senses. It is the means by which we hear; it is a passive organ of reception – ears receive and hear sounds. In this sense they represent the utmost vulnerability: they cannot be closed as eyes can. It is not enough for words to reach the ears, they must also be intelligible and in order for this to occur we need to receive sounds correctly. In fact, if the sound intensity in an enclosed environment is particularly high, its perception might not be correct.

Architectural acoustics studies what can be defined as the acoustical dimension of man-made environments and aims to improve the quality of sound perception. Today it is indeed necessary to design and build environments destined for civil use – as well as for leisure – considering architectural acoustics as the fundamental and indispensable component of all contemporary and responsible projects.
The concept of people’s well-being can differ according to culture, religion and geographical location, but body and soul aspire universally to beauty and good, and complete harmony.

Today La Mercanti offers the most suitable materials for sound-absorption and climatic comfort also compatible with different social and environmental settings. They are innovative, durable and perfectly in tune with the contemporary design, contributing to people’s well-being by improving in quality. They work with discreet elegance, controlling reverberation with a multiplicity of solutions. This is in order to restore a correct and healthy acoustical dimension to satisfy the increasing attention of designers for environmental psychology as a means of knowledge and investigation to improve real quality in environments and therefore increase the pleasure of life and work for people.
People’s well-being is an important goal, as we are important as human beings.

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