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Mitesco wins the GrandesignEtico International Award 2012

Mitesco, the new high-tech product by Caimi Brevetti is the winner of GrandesignEtico International Award 2012, an award given to the products that best combine the quality of the design and the promotion of more sustainable and responsible consumption.
Mitesco uses Snowsound patented technology, which, thanks to the variable density of the material the panel is made of, enables selective absorbance of different frequencies, allowing optimisation of acoustics in spite of its limited thickness.
The designer Michele De Lucchi says:

Our level of sophistication strives to be ever higher, and we no longer treat our surroundings based on their form and colour, but on more refined elements, namely sensory elements. Of these, sound is perhaps the least considered, but it is surely one of the most important elements, especially when considering that damage to hearing is as yet irreparabile (…). The project developed with Caimi is an acoustic panel that is made with one single material, polyester, which in addition to its excellent absorbent qualities is completely recyclable, as it does not contain any other materials. Mitesco is light, colourful and sufficiently basic to be used even to personalise the surrounding area, as it can be fully inserted in a contemporary context. It can be hung and supported on a stand: it is practical and inexpensive.


The brilliant intuition at the heart of Snowsound’s patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities, which functions to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus to optimise the acoustical environment notwithstanding the pronounced thinness of the panels. The absence of frames and seams and the unusual characteristics of the material in the fabrication of the panels, render them extremely light, unobtrusive and adaptable to any environment.

The panel is double-faced; therefore it has the same functional characteristics on both sides. The aesthetic uniformity is functional; besides having ease of assembly and disassembly, it allows for use with either side visible or reversed and reapplied to a surface whenever one side might inadvertently be damaged

Acoustic comfort solutions for office and contract

Acoustic comfort solutions for offices, public rooms, sports facilities, restaurants and hotels, shops, work environments and the home.

The need for absolute acoustic comfort and attractive appearance have led to the development of LaMercanti sound-deadening panels for cladding ceilings, walls and partition walls. Its innovative features are based on tried and tested technology, combined with design, total hygiene and non-toxicity of the material.

If we can improve the sound, then our life quality improves as well. La Mercanti sound absorbing products perform this task: balancing and reducing sound waves in public and private spaces in order to produce a genuine and surrounding acoustic dimension. As perhaps we forgot.