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Good design is a synthesis of technique, cost, material, function, use, taste and sustainability. That concentration of meanings, associations and possibilities must reside in simple, singular forms. La Mercanti believes the best objects carry a rich, intellectual density in a shape that seems natural and effortless.

You can find the best of the Italian office chairs online at the virtual office boutique of design & ergonomy, an emotional and design shopping experience, a quality source offering rare and innovative office chairs and furniture that are difficult to find in traditional shops. On, we offer for sale luxury and top-quality products purchased by La Mercanti directly from leader manufacturers, carefully selected for their stringent quality control.

An object that feels spontaneous while clearly the result of rigor and precision. Offering online new forms that are physically and stylistically resilient is hard work, but this is the work we embrace.

Italian office chairs: buy directly from Italy

A crucial element of office environment is the office chair.
Investing in ergonomic office chairs means investing in the most important resources of any company: the human resources.

Paying attention to the needs of your employees by investing in special Italian office chairs when needed helps to improve company morale and that has a positive effect on your bottom line.

La Mercanti has the mentality that conceives man first and foremost, combining innovation, comfort, relax and ergonomics, essential ingredients to offer premium products ranging from the CEO executive armchairs to presidential, from manager chairs to task operative and meeting room chairs.

Materials, finishes, fabrics and coverings are adapted to satisfy precise requirements both in practical and aesthetic terms: easy maintenance, comfort, resistance to fire and wear.

Sitland, Luxy, Arper are only some of the brands that La Mercanti delivery everywhere in the world: buy online directly from Italy, delivery everywhere in the world.

Italian Chairs, Tables and Stools:

The new Italian Chairs shop is now available online with La Mercanti: is part of a large family of made in Italy furniture online shops that can all be combined with each other. furnishes Corporate (banks, offices, congress centres, airports, museums, theatre, healthcare, university, government), Hospitality (restaurants, hotels, bars, bistrot, coffee, residences, club houses, casinos, pubs, spa, home), Retail (stores, showrooms, boutiques), Marine (cruise ships, motor-yachts), as public spaces today include not only waiting rooms and open lounges, but also semi-public zones such as reception areas and company lobbies. collections offer many unique contract products representing over 90 brands of design which complement and enhance the collage interior. These range from the older classics to contemporary designs.

Take it easy, you are in good hands 😉