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Merry Holy Christmas!

We are living in anxious and joyful expectation of the Redeemer’s birth. On streets and in homes everything speaks of Christmas. Lights, decorations and presents create an unmistakable Christmas atmosphere. However, the external preparations, though necessary, must not detract attention from the central and extraordinary event being commemorated, that is, the birth of Jesus, the Father’s precious gift to humanity.
(John Paul II)

La Mercanti wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Our offices will be closed from 24th to 1st January, then we will be ready to receive and answer to all your requests!

Merry Christmas 2011!

There is something new, a new undeniable, a new irrefutable, a new irrevocable, a new irreversible. We pass from the point where there was nothing to the point where there is Something.

Charles Péguy

La Mercanti’s staff wishes everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!

Our office will be closed on December 27th and on January 2nd.

Happy Christmas 2010

Expectation or waiting is a dimension that flows through our whole personal, family and social existence. Expectation is present in thousands of situations, from the smallest and most banal to the most important that involve us completely and in our depths (…). One could say that man is alive as long as he waits, as long as hope is alive in his heart. And from his expectations man recognizes himself: our moral and spiritual “stature” can be measured by what we wait for, by what we hope for. Every one of us, therefore, especially in this Season which prepares us for Christmas, can ask himself: What am I waiting for? What, at this moment of my life, does my heart long for?

Pope Benedict XVI

John and Andrew had faith, because they had certainty in a perceptible Presence. When they were there … seated at His house, toward evening, looking at Him speak, there was a certainty in a perciptible Presence. … Instead of Him with His hair in the wind, instead of watching Him speak with His mouth opening and shutting, He arrives through our presence, which is like … fragile skin, the fragile masks of something powerful, which is He who lies within.

Luigi Giussani

La Mercanti wishes everyone Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas 2009

(…) This, dear friends, is what true joy consists in: it is feeling that our personal and community existence has been visited and filled by a great mystery, the mystery of God’s love. In order to rejoice we do not need things alone, but love and truth: we need a close God who warms our hearts and responds to our deepest expectations. This God is manifested in Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary.

(Pope Benedetto XVI)

With these words La Mercanti Staff wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.