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La Mercanti USA – New York Design Center

La Mercanti USA is the North America importer of prestigious Italian executive desks brands (a single source for your executive business). Most of these Italian office furniture brands usually are artisan companies (difficult to find in traditional showrooms), and often they do not have on their own a commercial organization that let them export to a great market as North America. We anticipate issues, solve problems, and provide clear solutions to your unique challenges.

La Mercanti has selected the very best Italian executive office furniture which would be difficult to find in traditional showrooms: exclusive collections by top designers at affordable prices. Only for made in Italy lovers…

Our virtual boutique has become a prime destination and a style reference for made-in-Italy lovers from North America and all over the world. We solve contract interiors problems through a nix of agility and creativity.

We have researched the furniture marketplace and we have aligned ourselves only with the manufacturers whom we feel produce best-in-class products. Our large size and strong purchasing power allow us to negotiate the best pricing with our manufacturer partners. We guide leaders to make confident, intelligent office furniture decisions. Then we take the lead to deliver the space you’ve envisioned with the service you expect.

Design Chairs by La Mercanti in Switzerland

At the end of the last year Mr. Stuehle Sascha by Fashion & Interior Design GmbH, an international trade company based in Switzerland, contacted us because he was very interested in the design chairs Him & Her by Casamania.

These are very special design chairs for shape and colors. Indeed their shapes were created using a 3 dimensional scan of 2 plaster sculptures. Him&Her are available in two different finishes: matt polyethylene, and glossy varnished polyethylene.

At a first time, our customer choose six couples of chairs in matt white and three couples in glossy white finish. He received the design chairs at the appointed time and satisfied with his purchase, at the beginning of this year, he asked La Mercanti to send him other 23 Him&Her couples in white matt finish.

The customer need these chairs in the last week of February and the delivery was made on time!

Italian Chairs, Tables and Stools:

The new Italian Chairs shop is now available online with La Mercanti: is part of a large family of made in Italy furniture online shops that can all be combined with each other. furnishes Corporate (banks, offices, congress centres, airports, museums, theatre, healthcare, university, government), Hospitality (restaurants, hotels, bars, bistrot, coffee, residences, club houses, casinos, pubs, spa, home), Retail (stores, showrooms, boutiques), Marine (cruise ships, motor-yachts), as public spaces today include not only waiting rooms and open lounges, but also semi-public zones such as reception areas and company lobbies. collections offer many unique contract products representing over 90 brands of design which complement and enhance the collage interior. These range from the older classics to contemporary designs.

Take it easy, you are in good hands 😉

Outdoor Furniture: Pool Furniture and Garden Furniture

Weatherproof, temperature resistant, toxic free, UV stable, fully recyclable, sustainable and exceptional in both look and feel, La Mercanti offer world of Italian outdoor furniture.

Inside the research lab of our partners, a team of specialists is continually testing new variations in search of new color ways, new textures and new consistencies, not to mention greater strength, resilience and durability.

Each piece is unique, but if even the smallest detail fails to meet the standards, that piece goes back to production until it satisfies each of our demands of quality.

Italian Quality. It’s a word you hear a lot around La Mercanti 😉