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Mirra 2 by Herman Miller at Milan design week

During the furniture design week in Milan the new Mirra 2 by Herman Miller was presented by the designers Studio 7.5 to La Mercanti. The Mirra 2 ergonomic chair will be available next summer 2013.

As work evolves, and we become more active, flexing from individual to collaborative work in an instant, Mirra 2 moves with you, at one with your body. When you sit, Mirra 2 adapts to you instantly. Shift and it dynamically supports even your slightest movements. By rethinking every part of a successful design, we made Mirra 2 leaner, lighter, and so responsive it supports you wherever you go. Mirra 2 advances how you sit.

Given the agile ways people work today, we found the idea of a highly individualized personal chair is still valid. So Mirra 2 follows the same principles at the original design, with advancements to virtually every aspect. By inventing a method for merging a fabric layer with polymer veins Studio 7.5 developed an intelligent support structure called the Butterfly Back that makes the chair more responsive. The new seat design increases air flow. A reinvented Harmonic tilt creates a smooth and balanced feel when moving from one posture to another.

These advancements join the athletic attitude and intuitive adjustments of the original design to make Mirra 2 reassuringly familiar. It’s the same spirit in a new, trimmer body.

Standing, sitting, reclining–changing postures is good for the body

Standing, sitting, reclining–changing postures is good for the body, and ergonomists say we should do it frequently. Movement keeps the disks in the spine hydrated and increases blood flow, pumping oxygen to the brain and improving focus and productivity. Our bodies send us reminders to move; it’s important to listen to them.

Watch our “Work Better Video” to learn more, by Herman Miller.

Training Herman Miller in Milan

Nice and very interesting full day training at Herman Miller in Milan, with the UK product manager Chloe Richardson: Aeron, Embody, Setu, Mirra, Celle and the new Sayl. When people first sit in the world-famous Aeron chair, they usually say “Wow!” It’s the first work chair to replace upholstery with a breathable, form-fitting material that keeps you cool and focused 😉

At the end of the day, took place the dealers performance… own presentation of Herman Miller chairs to the client…

La Mercanti won first prize with Antonio that had a great presentation of Sayl chair, suspended material, unframed comfort 😉

See Antonio in the pictures – with The purpose of Design – between sales manager Matteo Parma and area manager Piercarlo Gentili and then with Chloe Richardson.

Thank you!

Sayl chair by Herman Miller

Sayl by Herman Miller disproves the notion that a reasonably priced chair means offhand design and minimal ergonomics. From the beginning, Herman Miller’s goal was to make a high-quality, beautifully designed, comfortable chair that lived up to our standards and was also affordable. Sayl is that chair.

Herman Miller asked designer Yves Béhar to design a highly affordable chair that would incorporate everything Herman Miller is known for —beautiful design, first-class ergonomics, elegant engineering, and respect for the environment. Béhar, who calls San Francisco home, began by looking at designs that deliver the most with the least. And then he took a look at his city’s best-known landmark: the Golden Gate Bridge.

You will find Sayl soon at Office Boutique 😉