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Wellness in the office as well as at home

I recently read an interesting interview to Adriano Baldanzi, a designer specialized in design furnishings. About furnishing for the office and for the home, he said:

I’d like to talk about the ‘habitat’ without any distinctions. The office as a habitat destined for doing certain tasks, just like the kitchen and the bedroom (…). Manufacturers are aware that, even when it is shared, the workplace needs to be personalised, fitted with accessories and capable of conveying a sense of wellness to facilitate productivity.

We need to find in the places where we spend so many hours of our lives, a warm welcome, normality and freedom. So topics like comfort, wellness, colour and pattern tend to be borrowed from products designed for the home, so as to make workplaces more lively, inhabitable and comfortable.

Improving living conditions in the workplace is not difficult. We can simply choose from a wide range of ergonomic products offered on the market. It’s useful to talk about “ergonomic tools” to emphasize their advantages in terms of work rationalization, safety and wellbeing, for a more correct way of working.

Furnishings are not only a fundamental component for the functioning of a company, but also help to express its brand and its mission.
The workplace as well as the home should be designed paying more attention to emotional values; it must have a soul and a strong identity.

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