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Arper – Mont-Blanc Base Camp co-working space

Facing the Mont Blanc range, there is a co-working space, a shared space located in the centre of Chamonix Valley: Mont-Blanc Base Camp, which brings together entrepreneurs, mobile workers and freelancers mainly from the marketing, communication and service sectors.

The famous architect Japanese Kengo Kuma, has situated the building in an exceptional Alpine setting, combining minimalism and the wow factor. For him the study of the place is fundamental to integrate the work in its context, so that it doesn’t disturb the balance but is a natural derivation built by the hand of man. That’s the Mont Blanc Base Camp project.

Mont-Blanc Base Camp includes: 28 open-space shared offices, 2 private offices, 1 meeting room, 1 conference room and 2 terraces including one rooftop.
In the offices we can find Catifa 46 chairs by Arper, sled version and on wheels. Chairs with a refined profile, designed for elegant environments. Extremely flexible, Catifa 46 fits to an almost unlimited series of applications, indeed in the project of Mont Blanc Base Camp it finds its place without altering its original character.

A new acoustic comfort at the Pallottini Maria restaurant

The Pallottini Maria fish market and restaurant is a historical reality in San Benedetto del Tronto, and for 4 years, , is becoming a local reference point for the sale of fish, fish cuisine as well as event catering.

Mr. Fabrizio Prosperi and his wife Irene pointed out the acoustic problem due to a strong reverberation, which was perceived inside the restaurant from the beginning.
They explained to us, that during the banquets of ceremonies or when the restaurant is full, there was a central area of the room, in which it was not possible to stay or listen to anything.

On the basis of the information received, we made an accurate survey of the room, which is made up of medium-reflecting materials, with a square-plan architecture and with a height of over 3 meters, all combinations favorable to a high reverberation time.

After developing the calculation with the Caimi Brevetti spa software, we presented the solution to our customers, providing them with the design and calculation. Being their prerogative, not to change the aesthetics of the room, very accurate in every detail, with corners decorated with objects, wallpaper and paintings and frames that tell the story of the owner’s family, we proposed a solution with the distribution of 10 OVERSIZE panels with SNOWSOUND technology by CAIMI BREVETTI, distributed on the ceiling, with the foresight of suspending them by about 25 cm. In this way, the whole area of the room was covered by the panels and the aesthetic was not changed.

In addition to this, to reassure them on the performance of the product, we organized an acoustic test, during a dinner with 80 people. The panels, for the occasion, were distributed in support of the walls on the masonry parts available. The result of the test was positive, the reverberation inside the hall was reduced in a satisfactory way, so much that some regular customers of the restaurant noticed the difference.
We made the installation a couple of weeks ago, on the occasion of the Valentine’s dinner, creating with panels an acoustic atmosphere more suited to the situation.
Here are some photos taken in the restaurant.

I4 Mariani in The Globe restaurant

In the panoramic restaurant The globe, within a golden glass sphere 200 metres above ground level, on the top floor of the modern tower of the Hotel Al Faisaliah in Riyadh – designed by the famous Foster & Partners – we find several chairs by I4 Mariani. Monte range, with its characteristic shape, the curve of the arm and the use of burr-wood to embellish the product and, in a relax room, Fumo armchairs, with its fine visible wood base.

All designed by Foster & Partners, one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world. Here structural and environmental engineers work alongside the architects from the beginning of the design process. Based in London, with offices worldwide, the practice has an international reputation, with buildings in six continents. Foster & Partners understands that the best design comes from a completely integrated approach from conception to completion.

Question Mark chairs in New York

Some months ago La Mercanti got in touch with Doreen Jimenez, from New York, who was looking to buy four Question Mark chairs by Tonon for her dining room.

The particular and extravagant shape of this product made it very attractive to her and she turned to us to have help and suggestions for choosing the best kind of upholstery.
She wanted a modern and elegant fabric, so we proposed Europost 2 in dark brown which is very elastic and perfect for a chair with a continuous curved structure as Question Mark, and of course … very stylish! About the base, she decided for the matt chromed steel.

Doreen has been very happy to receive these chairs that she really loves! And at the same time we have been very pleased to support her with our advices and suggestions.

LaPalma Lem stools in Great Britain – Sky UK

Since the beginning there has been a friendly and very pleasant relation with Mrs. Karen Clark from Sky UK, who asked La Mercanti staff to help her decide the finishes and colours for some Lem stools by LaPalma.

From the very first moment, she was sure that the delicate form and lines of this versatile and iconic stool would be the perfect choice, reaching a timeless elegance for her contract space.
After our suggestions, she decided for six Lem with a white lacquered seat and a mat chromed steel base, keeping a classic style for a functional space!

Cierre Imbottiti sofa in Germany

We had a very nice and pleasant relationship with Mr. Ammedick, interested in a Cierre Imbottiti Italian sofa from the first moment.

He choose the elegant and innovative design of Margot sofa. After a careful study of the different leather categories and colors he decided for a dark brown high quality leather.

Good choice to create a tasteful and refined environment!

Comfortable Acoustics at the Osteria dei Sani restaurant, Italy

Osteria dei Sani is one of the most famous restaurants of Abruzzo, Italy, where you can eat local specialities prepared with products of high quality and enjoy some wines and craft beers having won the international awards.
The owner Anna and Luca Mettimano, some years ago, renewed the place, moving in a new place, where, thanks to Nomad Architects, they created a simple and elegant style, but at the same time not too snob for families and groups.

We then estimated in association with the architect Massimo D’Arcangelo (Nomad Architetti), a system of acoustic panels “chicanes”, covered with fabric with a color very similar to that some of the ceiling; they are anchored in the perpendicular files of adhesion to the ceiling of the main room. In this way, a perfect symmetry of the alignments of the perimeter of the ceiling with its suspended lamps is not interrupted, assuring the preservation of the harmony wished by the architects.

Besides the esthetic result, thanks to the acoustic panels, the reverberation is considerably limited by the creation of a peaceful atmosphere where it’s pleasant to converse during a business lunch or a romantic dinner.

Italian design chairs and shoe stores: Bartu Schuhhandels, Germany

Italian design chairs are an essential design element not only in the office, but also in a shoe store. We can say that shoes, are for walking, so shoe stores don’t need chairs. Yet, in order to try a new pair of shoes during a purchase at a specialty store, you have to sit comfortably. Moreover, the more a store offers fashionable shoes, the more aesthetic and design of its premises are important.

This was well understood by the Bartu Schuhhandels Group (Josef Tretter GmbH & Co.KG), based in Munich, with nine shoes and handbag stores, trendy, spacious and elegant, who chose The Mercanti’s Italian chairs. Bartu Schuhhandels loved the design chairs Catifa 46 Arper, design by Lievore Altherr Molina, flexible to be used in indoor or outdoor spaces. Their frame and base are made from a wide range of materials, colors and finishes. Simple and sophisticated silhouette, depending on the variants that adapt to any environment and situation: in the kitchen or living space, in an office or a restaurant, or in a waiting room in a hotel. Fresh and sinuous in design, lightweight and versatile in use: Arper conceives design as a pure search for essentiality.

a Bartu Schuhhandels store

a Bartu Schuhhandels store

design office chair Catifa46

design office chair Catifa46