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Coworking: a new way of conceiving the working space

The sharing economy has led to the spread of coworking: shared workspaces where facilities and services are made available to various professionals, freelancers and companies. It’s an innovative way to bring together not only skills and talents, but also experiences and spaces.

In 2005, software engineer Brad Neuberg founded the first coworking space in San Francisco. He wanted to find a way to combine the feeling of independence and the need of working in a community-like environment with all the comforts offered by a traditional workplace.
Since then, the coworking phenomenon have been largely increasing in the United States and in Europe. In 2008 it began to spread in the main Italian big cities and in 2021 there were 779 coworking spaces throughout the national territory.

One of the main advantages of coworking is the reduction in expenses: renting a desk in a coworking space is much cheaper than renting an entire office. Furthermore, it allows to find new collaborators, to combine different ideas and projects, increasing productivity, creativity and avoiding the isolation of working from home.
Choosing to work together, even if dealing with an independent activity, means designing the office and furnishings in an organised way in order to share both the working environment and the ideas of people who are not part of the same company. Finding a comfortable workspace, with ergonomic furnishings and professional equipment that responds to the different work needs, will encourage the freelancers to come back again.

The required elements in a coworking office are open spaces, modular desks and multiple workstations, ergonomic chairs that adapt to different body shapes, Internet connection, equipment such as telephones, printers and computers, meeting rooms, lounge areas and air conditioning.

Arper, for example, contributed with enthusiasm and innovation to furnish Palazzo della Luce in Treviso, an elegant historic building that dates back to 1500. The restoration recovered the historical elements of the exteriors and enhanced the three floors that compose the interiors. Today, Palazzo della Luce is a contemporary design space that hosts offices, events and projects. A big coworking space that allows professionals and companies to meet and collaborate – without sacrificing their privacy.
The materials and pieces of furniture have been carefully chosen to best convey the message that the coworking wants to promote. Arper chairs, sofas and tables have furnished the individual spaces, meeting areas and relaxation spaces with sustainability and a totally made in Italy design.

Luxury office furniture in France

A few months ago, we have been contacted by the President of an important company in Southern France needing to furnish his office with a polished and modern style.
After reviewing various options, Mr Fenart chose I4Mariani: a prestigious Italian brand that produces high-end furniture with a strong representative value conveyed by the expert mix of precious materials and the fine balance between industrial processes and the inimitable craftsmanship.

De Symetria is an executive office collection with a strong contemporary design and a refined style. Designed by Luca Scacchetti in 2010, this collection was inspired by serene rest in a hammock looking up at the crowns of maritime pines where slender branches hold up thin tables of compact green or imaginary waiters who hold crystal trays in perfect balance with a firm and wide-open hand.
All this is reflected in the structures where two steel brackets rest symmetrically with spokes of different lengths that represent tree branches or the fingers of a hand. The brackets support transparent or leather-covered tops. De Symetria is a system mainly built as a bridge or trestle, very architectural and entirely based on the static and compositional balance determined by symmetry.
The bases, covered in wood and leather or lacquered, contrast with the lightness of the brackets and tops. The relationship between the trunk and the crown of the tree, between the body and the hand is reproduced here with a few essential lines that characterise the unmistakable design of De Symetria.

Mr Fenart selected a leather desktop with a bearing chest of drawers upholsltered in the same leather finish and a wooden leg in ebony. He added a matching free-standing low cabinet with 1 door and 4 drawers and some Silhouette office chairs. This seating collection, designed by the same designer, is characterised by the profile of its form, with an almost uncertain equilibrium due to the apparent lack of physical contact between the seating and back. Winding lines, crossing between the shapes of a boomerang and the shapes of the wing of a bird, are brought back to paper in their essential geometry, with nearly Leonardesque traces.
Both the executive and the guest chairs are upholstered in the same leather colour as the De Symetria furniture pieces. The outside frame in natural wood.

The modern office style by La Mercanti satisfied the customer.

Fine Italian kitchens and furnishings

La Mercanti range of fine Italian kitchens and furnishings and services extends to our clients an unparalleled convenience and level of attention at every stage of the project. The Italian companies we collaborate with are leaders and influencers in their fields who are dedicated to continuously achieving excellence in design and production.

La Mercanti: the home of the Italian kitchen design. Our aim is to offer projects that last, capable of generating the desired kitchen each time. Because, while perfection can exist on paper, it only happens when the project fully meets all the demands made of it: a synthesis of combined values.

100% original made in Italy – Innovative craftsmanship, tradition, minimal in design and high-standards combined with the “Dolce Vita” philosophy make Italy the paragon of style, elegance and luxury.

Kitchen is the most complex and fascinating room at home, the place where cuisine and conviviality, the ancestral elements of fire and water, high-performance materials and cutting-edge technologies all merge into one.

An integrated design that redefines traditional volumes, communicating the language of the architectural space. A transversal system that is divided into various collections in favour of a fluid interconnection between the rooms, in order to respond to a design concept of a “La Mercanti home”.

Exclusive products for refined clients

Sometimes architects and designers think that important Italian furniture brands are too popular. By contrast, refined clients need niche brands that others do not know. Those who choose to stand out instead of homologate win in the long run.
In the age of indiscriminate accessibility to everything, the real difference is becoming the spokesperson of exclusive images and products. Obviously, we have to combine exclusivity and fame.

Mascheroni, also known as the Italian Style Ambassador, realised many office projects in Italy and worldwide. Its clients include prestigious shops and buildings of outstanding architecture.
We recall the entire supply of leather armchairs in the Parliament of the Republic of Angola, where the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella gave an important political speech.

The exclusivity of this brand is based on the passion for beauty and high specialization of artisans, who continue to produce leather products using traditional materials and rare skills while paying attention to experimentation, formal research and outstanding product quality.
Man, passion, dream and authenticity: these are the key words of the Mascheroni brand that combines perfection, tradition and experimentation in their products to create something that will last forever. The memory and experience of the past lead to the creation of the future.

An “innovative tradition”, for example, is the Gessato stitching; a detail of great tailoring that is obtained by sewing and hitting an infinity of leather stripes. The complex execution of this special stitching expresses the craftsmanship of the Mascheroni artisans.

Nowadays, Mascheroni is one of the few companies that directly manages and controls the entire production process, ensuring absolute quality at every stage, from the selection of raw materials to manufacturing, up to customised services.

Pedrali’s Frida chair design, sold by La Mercanti, awarded

design chair Frida by Pedrali

design chair Frida by Pedrali

Frida , the oak design chair design designed by Odo Fioravanti for Pedrali, received the German Design Award 2014 in the category Home Interior.

The jury organized by the German Design Council, after reviewing more than 1,900 projects, attributed the victory to Frida and 99 other products.

After the success of the ADI Compasso d’Oro in 2011, this award confirms once again the value of Frida by Pedrali, quality office furniture production 100 % Made in Italy, through a design process that combines tradition and innovation, excellence in engineering and creative genius.

Pedrali obtained in 2013 the FSC C114358 ™ certification for the chain of custody of wood, which guarantees the origin of raw materials from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to environmental, social and economic standards.

“Frida is the result of a long work carefully done for a project that combines beauty and technology, attention to detail and simplicity” said Odo Fioravanti .

La Mercanti’s Arper chairs selected for ADI Design Index 2013

The Saya and Juno chairs nominated in the ” Design for Living “

The versatile and dynamic design of Arper chairs, a brand distributed by La Mercanti.

The dual choice is the recognition of industrial progress at both the production and the design choices that have made possible the selection of Arper’s chairs Saya and Juno, judged by the Standing Committee of ADI innovative products as meeting the requirements of the Association of Italian design, which is the highest authority on Italian design.

Saya chairs and Juno are two chairs that are very different in form, materials and functions, both of which were presented in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2012. Saya , designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, is made of oak plywood, has a comfortable and boldly emblematic silhouette. Juno, one of the last projects of James Irvine, is made of polypropylene and has a declination of versatile use in both internal and external environments.

Saya and Juno will be part of the design | Opera , an exhibition of selected products, which opened on October 1st at the Triennale in Milan in conjunction with the presentation of the ADI Design Index 2013 and will remain open until 3 November 2013 to raise awareness to a wider audience, for the best of Italian design.

Arper chair Duna

Arper chair Duna

Video: the production of Italian design furniture, craft or art?

Expertise rooted in tradition, sprinkled with a touch of art, is Italian design furniture Mascheroni’s recipe

one who works with his hands is a labour
one that works with hands and head is a craftsman
one that works with hands, head and heart is an artist

Above, the sentences, oh so meaningful, which appear in the first part of the video. We remember the furniture of our grandparents. Sometimes they were still paramount for the charm of our living room or bedroom. At the time these pieces were bought, things lasted. Every object in the house had a story, a value, a significant and lasting destination. Then there was the consumerism, awith its disposable things.

Watch this video to understand the difference between a piece of furniture made ​​with a consolidated know-how and a generous, dedicated craftmanship, and standard furniture manufactured by who knows where, by who knows who or… what!

Goggle desk: make your office feel like home

Goggle design desk is now available on LaMercanti shop: a project designed for future oriented managers and executives, able to mix functionality and elegance.

It is an elite presidential designed for those who love to set themselves apart from the crowd, which recognises the importance of having an object of design in their office, not a simple desk, but an article of furniture which leaves visitors and guests pleasantly surprised and breathless.