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The Essence collection by La Mercanti in New York City

A very important investment service company in New York City chose the Essence Italian office furniture by Uffix for their executive offices. La Mercanti sales team worked with their manager in order to select the best furniture options for their office project, coordinate delivery and installation.

Designed by the Architect Franco Driusso, Essence is one of the most iconic collections by Uffix, both refined and proportioned. It joins the office environment with domestic contemporary contents and atmospheres. Space becomes more intimate, familiar and welcoming.
The straight design of the Essence executive office furniture brings out the linearity of its shapes and the simplicity of its lines. This collection, including desks, modular cabinets, conference tables, pieces for lounge areas such as matching sofas, armchairs and coffee tables represents the perfect solution for contemporary and modern office spaces.
Thanks to its dynamic and minimalist style, Essence ensure functionality and elegance.

The Essence desk they selected for the main office is a L-shape configuration with one panelled leg and a bearing side return with drawers, open shelves and one flap door to easily store documents and keep them close at hand. The other offices have been furnished with straight desks with rectangular tops on basic metal legs. They added some chest of drawers on wheels and a low credenza composed of doors with lock, inner shelves and metal frames for hanging folders.
The legs and the frames that make up the structure are made of aluminium in tan finish. The surfaces come in three wooden colours inspired by natural elements such as desert, earth and moka. All the desks are equipped with wooden modesty panels and functional accessories for the wire management such as grommets, cable-ways and trays.

Essence represents the meeting point between innovation and the simplicity of forms, creating a game of charming aesthetic balance.

The customer appreciated the quality of the products and the service provided by La Mercanti, as well as the efficiency of the installation.

Metar desk and La Cividina seating for Prince International AE in Greece

A few months ago La Mercanti was contacted by Prince International AE, a Greek retailer of luxury and unique products such as watches, jewelry and accessories for man and woman all over the world.

Their new CEO office has been furnished with the Italian modern executive desk Metar by Bralco, designed by Gianantonio Perin and Giorgio Topan. The finish is tobacco oak veneer wood with glossy chromed profiles and the desk rests on a side service unit equipped with doors, drawers and a filing unit.
The bridge desk and service unit form a refined and functional linearity thanks to the attention to the details, making Metar the expression of inimitable and timeless elegance enhanced by refined geometries and noble materials.

The pleasing aesthetic is also combined with a wide range of features, designed to achieve better ergonomics. As in the case of interior decor which characterizes the desk top, and leaves not only a mark of aesthetics but provides RJ, telephone and data transmission connections.
The waiting area of the main office is completed with a low coffee table and a round table for four people that has an impressive chromed base and a top with cable access and wire tray. The design is specifically thought to welcome those who gather together in a meeting and make moments of sharing feel natural.
The guest chairs are from My Belle collection, characterized by sinuous and attractive lines that represent the style of the family of executive armchairs proudly made in Bralco. The base is in aluminum on feet and the upholstery is in high-quality leather, giving the meeting area a touch of elegance and grace.

In Metar and all Bralco lines, the Made in Italy label stands out for both the design and the final realization. All the products are marked by stylistic elements and distinctive features that make them unique and inimitable.

Regarding the executive chair for the CEO, La Mercanti guided the client through various possibilities and the final choice was for one of the most comfortable and ergonomic chair that we distribute: Spirit, designed by Baldanzi & Novelli and manufactured by Sitland. This is a product devised to ensure absolute postural excellence during work hours and long-term use. The back is fitted with a particular mechanism named “Freedom”, which allows perfect adherence of the back to the user’s movements. It is also equipped with lumbar support and the seat is depth-adjusted to the desired position or left in its free position, for maximum ergonomics.

Finally, an exclusive touch of modernity is reached with Suiseki Italian sofa by La Cividina for the common area.
Suiseki is a collection of padded seats inspired by the Japanese art of arranging naturally occurring stones. Spontaneous, harmonious lack of alignment takes the place of geometric shapes in the simple modular units with organic volumes. Everything starts with three core building blocks: a low, broad seat, a backrest and an armrest. They can be combined with each other in an offset display of heights, widths and depths. The resulting sofas are sculpturesque and suitable for all types of use, in everything from the contract market to private homes.
The client opted for a linear composition and an armchair, both in a vivid red finish, and in the central position two coffee tables with different heights from Turi Turi collection.
The traditional flat caps worn by Sicilian men inspired the elegant top of this coffee table, which is combined with a base with soft, light lines and thus brings together Sicilian Baroque art and minimal style.

Unadulterated aesthetics, high-quality materials, perfect workmanship and exceptional organization are the main traits of La Cividina brand, that fuses comfort and appealing designs, while keeping Italian manual culture alive.

La Mercanti supplies glass and wooden partitions for a nursery school in Malakoff, Paris

About two years ago we have been contacted by Giada Marossi from the architecture firm Valero Gadan & Associés Architectes in Paris. They were interested in the glass partitions by Nodoo to divide interior spaces in the nursery school they were designing.

The main requirement of this project was to divide all the spaces with large glass partitions composed of solid wood bearing structures, instead of the traditional aluminium or steel profiles. In addition to the glass partitions, the project also included the intermediate plasterboard sections to be covered with veneer wood panels in the same finish as the glass partitions’ structures and installed so that the external edge of the covering panel line up with the external edge of the rails and struts of the glass partitions.

However, construction works in the building slowed down due to the pandemic and this project had been delayed. Furthermore, the call for tenders announced by the Municipality of Malakoff (Paris) was scheduled for the end of summer 2021.

Meanwhile, we have been contacted by Briand Menuiserie, a carpenter’s shop in Paris who wanted to take part in the tender as a supplier of the carpentry works and partitions as well.
The owner Riccardo Scaglia is an Italian man who has been living in Paris for many years. We established an excellent working relationship with him and La Mercanti assisted him by providing all the specifications on Nodoo partitions and the quotation that allowed him to win the tender.

After having defined the contractual aspects, the works at the Malakoff nursery school began in November 2021. The completion date was expected to be September 2022. Various revisions were made to the initial project, therefore in May 2022 we arranged a site visit in accordance with our client Briand and the architect Marossi to review all the aesthetic issues.
After taking the measurements, Nodoo started the production process and on 25th July 2022 we delivered the goods. The installation was carried out both by some Italian installers and a French team.

During the work there were some small inconveniences that delayed the completion date by a few days. In fact, some glass panels were damaged when they were delivered at the site, therefore we needed to order some new ones. Some wooden parts have been readjusted too.
La Mercanti went back to Malakoff to solve these problems, complete the work and check that everything was compliant with the project. Testing was carried out only at the beginning of October as the opening of the nursery had been postponed to mid-October due to some delays from other suppliers.

This project was very exciting and interesting from a technical and aesthetic point of view. This experience was a great opportunity for development and growth. The most challenging thing in the whole project was the attention to the smallest details and the aspects linked to child safety.

Luxury office furniture in France

A few months ago, we have been contacted by the President of an important company in Southern France needing to furnish his office with a polished and modern style.
After reviewing various options, Mr Fenart chose I4Mariani: a prestigious Italian brand that produces high-end furniture with a strong representative value conveyed by the expert mix of precious materials and the fine balance between industrial processes and the inimitable craftsmanship.

De Symetria is an executive office collection with a strong contemporary design and a refined style. Designed by Luca Scacchetti in 2010, this collection was inspired by serene rest in a hammock looking up at the crowns of maritime pines where slender branches hold up thin tables of compact green or imaginary waiters who hold crystal trays in perfect balance with a firm and wide-open hand.
All this is reflected in the structures where two steel brackets rest symmetrically with spokes of different lengths that represent tree branches or the fingers of a hand. The brackets support transparent or leather-covered tops. De Symetria is a system mainly built as a bridge or trestle, very architectural and entirely based on the static and compositional balance determined by symmetry.
The bases, covered in wood and leather or lacquered, contrast with the lightness of the brackets and tops. The relationship between the trunk and the crown of the tree, between the body and the hand is reproduced here with a few essential lines that characterise the unmistakable design of De Symetria.

Mr Fenart selected a leather desktop with a bearing chest of drawers upholsltered in the same leather finish and a wooden leg in ebony. He added a matching free-standing low cabinet with 1 door and 4 drawers and some Silhouette office chairs. This seating collection, designed by the same designer, is characterised by the profile of its form, with an almost uncertain equilibrium due to the apparent lack of physical contact between the seating and back. Winding lines, crossing between the shapes of a boomerang and the shapes of the wing of a bird, are brought back to paper in their essential geometry, with nearly Leonardesque traces.
Both the executive and the guest chairs are upholstered in the same leather colour as the De Symetria furniture pieces. The outside frame in natural wood.

The modern office style by La Mercanti satisfied the customer.

A taste of Italy in Naomi Osaka’s executive office

Naomi Osaka, the record-breaking Japanese professional tennis player, chose the Jera Italian executive desk by LAS Mobili for her office in California.

After being selected as “Newcomer of the Year” by the Women’s Tennis Association in 2016, Naomi Osaka won her first WTA tour in 2018. She became the world’s No. 1 ranked player in women’s tennis following her Grand Slam wins at the 2018 U.S. Open and the 2019 Australian Open. She also was the first Asian player to reach this top ranking.
Her serve was clocked at 125 miles (201 km) per hour, one of the fastest serves ever recorded in the women’s game. She was the 16th woman to have won four Grand Slam singles championships.

La Mercanti sales team worked with Deborah Haylock, Business Manager at Savitsky, Satin, Bacon & Bucci, to find the best options and finishes to match Naomi’s office and arrange delivery and installation.

The colour combination they chose is the brown ash wooden finish and grey faux leather. The contrast between the dark thick top and the bottom panels upholstered in light grey makes the office look elegant and impressive at the same time.
The L-shape desk includes a monolithic return on the right side with a wide storage space equipped with two doors and two drawers. Moreover, we added a black rectangular grommet for wire management and a grey faux leather insert on the desktop to match the open modesty panel and legs.

The Jera collection is characterized by thick and impressive surfaces, alternating different volumes and materials. The desktop comes in a lot of finishes: grey elm, brown ash and bali walnut that can be combined with two different faux leather options namely anthracite and grey.
The characteristic design of the Jera executive office desk brings out the impressiveness of straight and thick shapes. This collection, composed of desks, meeting and coffee tables, wall modular cabinets, sofas, executive and meeting chairs, is the best option for modern executive offices and dynamic environments.

La Mercanti was delighted to furnish Naomi Osaka’s office!

La Mercanti luxury contract project in California

Founded by Renee Wolfenson, Casa Stilo is a Calabasas based high-end interior design firm specializing in exclusive private residence, luxury multi-unit building and commercial property designs. La Mercanti worked with Renee on an important office project in California.

The lounge area has been furnished with Arcos chairs and a Meety table by Arper. With its sled base and elliptic-shaped armrests, the Arcos collection evokes the elegance of archways in classical architecture. The aesthetic features of this product are enhanced by the chromatic balance between the colour of the structure and the fabric upholstery. Inspired by the architectural structure of bridges, the Meety conference table perfectly integrates its aluminium legs into the black round top.
We added some Lem stools, the most iconic item by Lapalma, designed by Shin and Tomoko Azumi. With its minimalist profile, LEM has the ability to adapt in many environments and for different purposes. The force of the matte metal base is mitigated into the curved shapes of the wooden seat, lending this stool an unmistakable look inspired by the Less is more philosophy.

The common areas have been made livelier with La Cividina sofas in shades of ink and greyish blue. Designed in 1967 by Pierre Paulin, the Osaka sofa challenged the dominant rationalism of that time with winding shapes and endless seating solutions that can be created by joining together straight and round modules. The Suiseki sofa is a collection of padded seats inspired by the Japanese art of arranging stones. The harmonious lack of alignment takes the place of geometric shapes. All the modules are characterized by essential volumes arranged in balanced staggered configurations consisting of three core building blocks: a low, broad seat, a backrest and an armrest. They can be combined with each other in an offset display of heights, widths and depths in order to create a unique and sculpturesque sofa.

Moreover, we added a Log chair by Pedrali: a fully upholstered one-volume-seating that welcomes the body gently, combining the sculptural aspect with surprising lightness. The right mix of formal balance, stability and comfort has been achieved by reducing the volume gradually, through a careful process of modelling, same as for a sculpture.

As for the executive chairs, we selected the collection by Sitland: a contemporary and linear office chair which ensures the best comfort, thanks to the padded cushions and the elegance of the leather upholsteries. With its functional and attractive design, Sit.It interprets the taste and needs of the executive office. We choose the Nasdaq KERAMIK modern desk designed by Paolo Cattelan, a combination of geometrical shapes and materials with a monolith effect. The floating wooden drawer defies gravity, anchored to the graphite embossed steel leg which cuts through the space with a sharp diagonal. The dark top in marble finish has continuous rust-orange and white veins on the top and side which strengthens the architectural identity of the desk.
Lastly, the meeting table Raj by Gallotti & Radice with an oval glass top and bright stainless steel bases. Raj is the transparency that is surrounded by the elegance of the chromed finish with a timeless style. It is an essential and contemporary collection which creates a game of perfect aesthetic balance between straight and curved lines.


Nice reception desk for a medical clinic in France

The reception desk is just like a business card. It represents a very important element for every company as it is the first point of contact between employees, guests and customers.
The reception area should have a positive impact on the visitors and allow them to learn more about the company’s culture and the level of service they can expect. Reception desks are crucial for the first impression that prospective and existing clients get of the company.

Recently, La Mercanti worked with a French existing customer to find the best solution for their reception area. In 2020 they chose a refined executive desk and some cabinets from the Sestante collection by IFT – Ideal Form Team in white lacquered and dark walnut finishes.
This time we helped them create a welcoming atmosphere in the reception area of their medical clinic in Bénodet, western France, with the Nice reception desk by LAS Mobili: a modular reception system composed of different elements such as desk tops, storage units and design components, enriched by accessories that can be combined to design compositions of great complexity and strong visual impact.
With its minimalism, Nice creates an atmosphere of fine functionality and meets the needs of the operators. They selected a linear configuration, almost 4 metres wide, that stands out for its clear lines and for the combination of different materials and finishes. They requested a white customised finish combination for the desk tops and back panels. The front horizontal panels are in Bali walnut, with upper front bands and shelves in extra white glass. The two side panels are edged with satin chrome aluminium profile.

Nice meets all needs without ever losing its elegance and provides the company with a clear image of itself: the toughened glass shelves stand out its wooden parts. This product also comes in L or U shaped variants and many other colours.
Linear panels, elegant glass surfaces, practical worktops and wire management accessories give shape to the Nice collection, a reception desk designed to furnish and welcome with personality and style.
Minimalism and clean design are the characteristics of a system designed to meet the needs of representation in a modern working environment. Nice is characterised by its simple in-line modules for defining the space of the first contact, giving the reception a fresh and dynamic image that emphasises the professionalism of the company.

Cozy and comfortable italian desks for Radici Group in Ohio

Radici Group is one of the most active Italian chemicals manufacturers at an international level. The headquarters is in Italy, but it has several branches in many countries across the US. La Mercanti provided the Ohio location with new executive desks and storage units.

Seven offices have been furnished with Planeta desk, an Italian executive office furniture line inspired by daily life and composed of a wide range of furnishing elements able to solve the most varied design needs.
The finish of the top is tobacco oak wood with the side service unit in white glossy laminate with internal pedestal and open bookcase on the back. Both the leg and structure are in aluminum.
This executive range stands out for functionality and for the elegant and minimalistic design.

The squared meeting table and the storage units that complete the office spaces are all characterized by the same

aesthetic sign: simple geometries, based on essential lines and shapes, intersect each other and create a highly elegant ensemble. The minimalist effect is dissolved and at the same time enhanced by the combination of different finishes, which further emphasize the geometric character of the compositions.
The meeting table with white glossy laminate top and aluminum base perfectly matches the style of the conference chairs. Passe-partout, designed by Sergio Bellin, is a seat that meets all comfort and styling requirements. With its simple and dainty line, and its modern cut, it is elegant and refined. The client chose to have these chairs on a sled chromed base and with the upholstery in black genuine leather.

La Mercanti team has been pleased to contribute to the customer’s project, paying attention to the details and without ever losing sight of practicality. The result is the creation of office spaces tailored to the person needs and focused on the ergonomics and well-being in the work environment.