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Office work seating

The office interior is incomplete without office furniture, and the latter must be in line with the overall office design. At the same time it must be ergonomic. A crucial element of office furniture is office chair.

What do we mean by comfort in work seating, and how is it measured?
Comfort, safety and adaptability are foundamental parameters of ergonomic quality in products. To measure the comfort of seating there are two fundamental aspects. The first has to do with the form of the seat and the back, or namely the right curvature for both in terms of angles and resistance to weight. Secondly, there are the questions of height and regulation, based on criteria of adaptability to permit tall and short people to use the same chair with equal comfort.

When we can say that a chair is really ergonomic?
Only when we have the sensation of not sitting down, even after a couple of hours in the same position.
There are elements that are important for comfort, although the best solution is changing often position: it is important to stand up now and then, or at least to move from a position where the back rests against something to an upright sitting position in which the back is not supported. When we seat in an office chair the back support is the most essential part. It must be optimally curved and cushioned to provide the back and spine maximum support and rest when used.
Another important parameter for the measurement of comfort of seating is undoubtedly that of the covering. First of all, we have to consider whether the material breathes; but we also need to consider aspects like cleanliness and safety, especially in case of fire.

When we are seated is there something we can do to reduce the loads?
Sure, we need a chair that can favor proper movement, in order to nourish and lubricate the intervertebral disks.
Though less important than the back, the armrests also have a role to play for the comfort of seating and the prevention of physical problems.
Today the market offers solution in which the armrests are not only height-adjustable, but also can change their angles. It’s important for them to be sufficiently soft and wide, for resting the elbows while working with computer keyboards. So a good chair should permit easy mobility of hands and legs.

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