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Save energy and money with LED lighting

The spectacular savings achieved by LED bulbs

LED bulbs

LED bulbs

Suppose that, in a room, you have a lamp post with four traditional bulbs of 60 watt / h each, for a consumption of 240 watt per hour. If you turn it on an average of eight hours a day, 300 days a year, at an estimated cost of $ 0.19 per kwh = 240 x 8 x 300 x 0.19 = $109 a year just for lighting this room. However, LED bulbs consume at least 10 times less than a traditional bulb. Four LED bulbs at 6w/h each, would consume 24 x 8 x 300 x 0.19 = $10,9 a year, with savings of more than € 100; moreover, they would better light the room and  last about 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

Some figures on the cost of an LED bulb: the purchase price is about 4 $ for a bulb with an equivalent light as a 70 watt traditional bulb, with a better light. The same LED bulb consumes about 7 watts per hour, so you can illuminate your living room with four bulbs with a consumption of less than 30 watts per hour.

$ 675 million savings in the U.S. in energy costs in 2012 thanks to the LED lighting

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), made a study of the amount of electricity that was consumed last year for the use of LEDs in new types of applications (. different types of interior lights, street lights, etc.) The figures are astounding: “In 2012, about 49 million lamps and LED luminaires were installed in the new LED applications in these markets. These lights have saved about 71 trillion British thermal units (TBtu), which equates to an annual saving of energy costs of about $ 675 million. ” That could have been $ 37 billion saved if every bulb had been replaced by a LED!


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