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Video: the production of Italian design furniture, craft or art?

Expertise rooted in tradition, sprinkled with a touch of art, is Italian design furniture Mascheroni’s recipe

one who works with his hands is a labour
one that works with hands and head is a craftsman
one that works with hands, head and heart is an artist

Above, the sentences, oh so meaningful, which appear in the first part of the video. We remember the furniture of our grandparents. Sometimes they were still paramount for the charm of our living room or bedroom. At the time these pieces were bought, things lasted. Every object in the house had a story, a value, a significant and lasting destination. Then there was the consumerism, awith its disposable things.

Watch this video to understand the difference between a piece of furniture made ​​with a consolidated know-how and a generous, dedicated craftmanship, and standard furniture manufactured by who knows where, by who knows who or… what!

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