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Cars or office furniture, Italian design is the worldwide leader

As far as cars or office furniture are concerned, Italian design is the worldwide leader. Cars are a sort of emblem of the modern era. They are the protagonists of the panorama of the whole city or town. Like what happened in the past for Gothic cathedrals, they are a kind of social icon. Certainly, we could say that the cathedrals were an opportunity for community meeting, whereas the car is rather an object of individual use, but we do not want to wander into sociological analysis here.

Whether it comes to German, French or Italian  cars, Italian design, as the Italian office design furniture, is the world leader. Just think of the Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf), designed by Giugiaro, or the many Peugeot designed by Pininfarina. Treat your eyes with this slideshow of some of the most beautifully designed Italian cars: 



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